Rental in Ninh Binh

Hi all,
Can anyone advise of property rentals in Ninh Binh, or suggest an agent who could help. I'm ideally looking for a small house for six months from October.
I can't seem to find Ninh Binh anywhere on this forum?

Are you looking for ninh binh city or tam coc? Most tourists go to tam coc, several kilometres away . Not sure of houses for rent, but tons of places in either spot.
when people refer to ninh binh, most- not all are referring to the tam coc , which is where all the nature is. Lovely place. Great people, cheap.

Tam Coc is good or the area around Trang An, I just wrote Ninh Binh for the general area, as it seems to be missing from anything on this forum.
I would prefer to not be in the city and would ideally like a small house with a garden. I have stayed there before and I know there is a lot of tourist homestay accomodation in that area.

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