Looking for a subletting property

Hi we are a couple from India.

If anyone here has a property and are looking for people to sublet. Please do get in touch.

Would prefer a personal bedroom and bathroom. Not fussy about other things.

Would prefer a place that is convenient to travel to CBD.

Thank you


This is not the right place to actually find a rental, but you should read the existing discussions with lots of advice on how and where to find one, what to look out for and which problems might occur. Good luck!

Alright Beppi. Ill definitely do that. Meanwhile request you not to kill this thread. Incase somebody stumbles across the post and may want to chip in.

Hi Pranav, you may visit a sublet room website, (moderated: advertisement), you may filter your search to show rooms with private bathroom only. Hope this is helpful to you. Between, they are many rental scammers in Singapore, do not believe in the offer with much lower market price, and do not pay cash for the deposit and rental, use bank transfer instead.

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