Is 590.000 DKK Annual Gross good for Staying in Copenhagen Area


I have been offered 590.000 DKK annual salary to work in a Multinational Company in Copenhagen, Is the salary level good to live comfortably in Copenhagen Kommune area for a Family of 2?

Calculation from a tax calculator shows it would be 25.400 DKK per month Net salary. My wife will not be working so how much tax rebate can I expect?

I would not be eating outside. How much will the monthly expenses come to approximately?

I checked rents in Copenhagen Area and they range from 9.000 - 12.000 DKK for an unfurnished 3 room apartment. Is this right? How much utilities can be expected?

Thanks in advance for the insights :)

Gladsaxe municipality, annual income 600,000 kroner, spouse doesn't work = tax     208.730,28 kroner.

The tax rebate for your wife is deducted in above amount. Else, the tax would have amounted to 225.237,54 kroner.

It is always difficult to estimate a precise budget. I would say that a rent of 12,000 kroner is more likely than a rent of 9,000 kroner. Don't forget to include the travel expenses.
Electricity 400 kroner a month, heating 1,000 kroner, water 400 kroner … 18-privat/

The salary is of the typical size. Yes, you and your wife can live for that amount. Whether you'll call it comfortably or not, depends on your habits and expectations, but in my opinion, you'll have no problem in that direction.


Hi ,

I moved to CPH a year ago and started on roughly the same. With the tax deduction of a spouse who is not working, that equates to about 28k to 29k a month net. I currently pay 12.5k on rent for a 3 room in osterbto which is a great area. I struggled to be honest as rent was 43% of net or 48% if you count the furniture and deposit loan. It was way too high!!



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