Cost of living in Denmark (update)

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I have followed the other thread but the information seems outdated since now we are in 2011.

I have been offered a placement with a Danish company for a year. It's my first placement abroad.

I would be very grateful if someone could guide me if the package that I am being offered is a reasonable one or not.

The company suggests that the employer will pay for housing, car, telephone, computer etc and a salary. After paying Danish tax, I will have a net monthly amount of 5,000 dkk / 926 usd.

This they are suggesting on the premise that I will have no expenses for housing, car etc.

My concern is that I still have to pay for my food, fuel, health insurance?! etc considering the VAT and on top of that support my family back home and the amount I am left with each month would not cover even half of that.

Does this package sound reasonable to you. Is it the norm in Denmark? I would like some feedback before I revert back to negotiations. Please help! Much appreciated in advance!

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Well I think it is not enough, If it is 7000/7500 then u can save some thing and can send back to u r family

If your bills and rent are paid and you are left with 5,000kr you will be able to survive, but it'll be very tight. I personally think that if you're planning on sending some of your salary back home it won't be possible. You won't have to pay for health insurance (unless you want to go private) because the social healthcare is paid for with your taxes. Once you have registered and got your residency permit you can have unlimited access to a doctor and hospital treatment. Bear in mind that you will have to pay for medicine that you may need and the price varies.
It is hard to decide whether it is a fair deal because rent varies throughout Denmark. If you're going to be living in an expensive part of Copenhagen for example I think it is fair. A rough expenditure guide would be:

Rent (40m2 in outer Copenhagen)- 4,000kr per month
Electricity - 2,000kr every quarter
Food - 2,500kr per month
Travel (in Copenhagen) - 585kr for a one month travel card

Thats roughly 7,750kr in expenditures. Plus the 5,000 salary you get per month is around 12,750. That seems like a below average wage. That depends on what type of work it is though. But I do think that you can survive on 5,000kr per month if you manage to raise the salary slightly so that you can send money home.


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