residence permit in Norway

Hi,I would like to ask if someone had an experience about residence permit card. I wam already planning on going on a holiday for a month in Philippines everything is fixed and planned. Suddenly someona told me about having a valid residence card for a period of time or else I won't be allowede to enter back in Norway.
I am going to leave this June and go back july, from July I have  5 months validity on my residence card before I can renew it again on december. So my question is, is it still ok and can enter Norway again without a problem?  Some says it should be 6months valid,but in the UDI it says as long as it's valid. From my presumption atleast 3 months valid,since the application of renewal is atleast 3 months and no earlier than that,so therefore I cannot possibly renew it until september atleast.
I hope anyone can give me a clarity on this issue because I am so confused. Thanks

6 months validity is passport.

as long as your residence card is valid, you can return.  Just note that they advise you to send in renewal a month earlier than expired date.

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