How Common it is that a Norwegian girl date Asian Guys?

I have this experience personally, the Norwegian girls are shy or may be cautious. They are very beautiful and smart ofcourse. But i feel they lose intrest a bit when a person doesnt know Norwegian may be. I have tried to communicate with few girls on dating site and personally too, they are very helpful and kind. But when i cannot speak Norwegian they kind of lose interest may be.

So what exactly the real mentality or psychology of girls in here about foreigners specially about Asian guys?
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You must understand that for ladies, communication is very important in a relationship.  Even though the norwegian girls are able to speak english, they can articulate themselves better in their own language. 

just think, she is trying to get to know you but she needs to spend extra effort to phrase her sentences or say the right things.  It can get really tiring after a while.

In addition, some norwegians told me they find that foreigners who stay in norway for a while but refuse to learn norwegian , are very disrespectful to them.

Thanks for giving your view in here.

I agree with the point that it is not easy to share feelings and emotions in some other language exactly the same way that you can do in your mother tongue. But at the same time language should not be barrier i feel. If you see the positive side of it you get to know new things new person who has completely different aspect and experience of life. That makes the conversation and relationship interesting and exciting as well. Even English is not my mother tongue but i like to communicate with people in Norway more n more to know about lot of stuffs that i am not used to.So i feel if they try and look positive side then it might turn in to more exciting and good relationship. 😊

Like you said,  it is sad if a person staying for long time in Norway and doesn't learn the language then thats bad ☹️.

Not quite sure what you mean now...

You wrote : Asian guy... ???
It's so generally... that it don't make sense for me...
For me this is almost the same as: a white guy ?
Or a black guy ?
It can be enormous different in culture,  respect,  religion etc etc...

Can you please explain to me ??
Then maybe I can help you more to awnser

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