Visa status "Return to Company"

Hi, I am from India. I have been working in this organization  for around two years. I got promoted this year. Now, my EP application is submitted for renewal for the new position.

However, status is showing as "Return to Company" in

I am hearing that there are rejections for some Indian based organization. Mine is not an Indian based. Also, the local %age in the company is more than 60%.

What are the chances of getting it approved? or rejected?

When a foreigner is promoted it is not sufficient to apply for a renewal but requires a full application as EPs are not transferable between jobs. An EP is always based on approval for a specific job and designated person/candidate

Return to Company probably means the company needs to submit an entirely new application, almost certainly showing there was a competitive selection process before your "promotion"

If you get lucky, Immigration might approve the promotion with the correct paperwork. However it seems to be stamping visas with "Final" giving holders notice that further employment passes will not be approved at expiry.

So worst case scenario is you can't change jobs because of the clamp down on foreigners working in Malaysia unless the company can clearly demonstrate no suitability qualified and experienced Malaysians applied for the new job

The company should have applied for a new EP when the change of job was offered earlier this year and not have waited until your renewal was due. That way the problem would have come to light in good time. Depending how long until expiry of your current EP and if a selection process is needed whether you have to go back to India.

Very unprofessional conduct by your employer

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