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Hey, I am getting ready to come down and look at properties, and just wondered if anyone has heard positive things of Joanne at Remax Oceanside Realty. So far in talking and emailing she seems to be very professional, she's been on HGTV Caribbean life probably three times now and has her name on tons of listings so I'm thinking she's pretty well known in the area, but just doing my due diligence and research as always....let me know if you've worked with her in the past and if you were happy with the service...thanks!

Check the register of births, deaths, and marriages.
Many real estate agents are the products of unmarried parents. :D

On a more serious note, try to find people who have dealt with them professionally, and check the company name in google against keywords such as 'scam' 'rip off' and so on

has her name on tons of listings so I'm thinking she's pretty well known in the area,

No - That just means she's good at advertising

Pretty sure that is why she posted here Fred, she is doing her homework, looking for first hand experience.

Good advice on the Google searches!  :D

With Real Estate, it seems like about half the gringos are in business to try to sell places to the other half; caveat emptor!

Thanks....yes just want to make sure my short time there I have someone showing me around areas (good and bad) and spends time with us answering questions, because I have a lot lol!😂 And yes I agree googling them is good....even though my experience with buying a condo in Punta Cana went well I did find something on the broker when I Googled them but it was after the fact😬 guess we got lucky!

Please DM me if you have the chance. 

Kind regards,

Jay Reynolds

Apologies: I got a note asking if my request for a DM perhaps meant that I had something negative to say about Joanne.

Absolutely not! 

While we did not have the pleasure of meeting her during my visit in all of our other interactions she has clearly evidenced her professionalism, communication skills and an indepth knowledge of the market.

Kind regards,

Jay Reynolds

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