Personal Income Tax Declaration - Brazil

Hello guys, my name is Peter, i am originally from Coventry, Uk.
I have been in Sao Paulo, Brazil since August 2018.
I recently had my Stable Union Visa accepted and was issued with an RNM number.
I also managed to get accepted job for a global company here in Sao Paulo in January.
The job requires me to open an MEi (micro company) to recieve payment.

I am strugling with the process at the moment and do not want to waste anymore work time, waiting at Police Federal.

My question, if anyone is kind enough to help me is.... Where can i get the "PERSONAL INCOME TAX DECLARATION " from in Brazil? - I need the receipt number so i can start this process.

Also if anyone has gone through this and have any tips, it would be very much appreciated.
Thank you for your time

Peter Grant

Hi, Peter,
Do you mean a Brazilian Taxpayer ID - a CPF - or the receipt number from your 2018 Brazilian income tax return?

You can get a CPF from a Receita Federal office, or at a Post Office.

To get a receipt number for your tax return,  you need to file one.  Ask your employer to recommend an accountant:  s/he should be able to file for you in a day or two, if you only arrived in August, and give you a receipt number immediately.  As long as you file by April 30, you're not late.

Thank You for your support and Answers.
I already have the CPF
I just need to register with the tax office i think.

I think the best thing is to see the accountant and go from there

Stands for Micro Empreendedor Individual, Portuguese for Individual Small Business Owner and is designed for individual workers that want to legally register their business.
When I came there was an online site via Gov. I gave up and cannot find the site
The MEI allows business to pay a lower tax rate. Without such they may not hire you.

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