doing business in Sarajevo

Hi...i am planning to come to Sarajevo for looking for possible investment in the city, I was wonder if anyone can give me some advice..
My background is south east asia and now the balkans, specifically in Montenegro.
I like to be here but business opportunities are not so exciting.
In particular I am looking to be in a city not polluted, with options for international schools (my daughter is 10y) and with some spending power in f&b.
My background is focus on f&b and hospitality.
I am looking for a place to invest in a property to live and in a commercial space to run anything from tapas bar to a small boutique hotel with entertainment and activities…
let me know if you can recommend me or point me someone to talk with!.Thanks!

Hello hello,

It sounds like your after a place like Sarajevo, which is the capital of Bosnia as you know. Sarajevo has international schools and plenty of investment opportunity’s there if you network well. I can’t really help you all to much but would just say to keep on looking and once your there talk with lotsa people eh.

Konjic isn’t polluted and would be a nice city that’s growing lots with opportunities there but I am unsure it has a international school there.

Banja Luka is the capitol of Republik Srpska, please don’t leave this one out. It’s a overlooked place when people consider Bosnia. There’s heaps of opportunities in The RS

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