Vikram from India

Hi all,

I am glad to have stumbled into this great community, and quite excited to be a part of it. I am basically from Bangalore (India), and will be moving into Manila by end of April with my Spouse. She has been offered a long term opportunity by her organization (Northern Trust). Although we have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit around the world, this is a essentially our first long term stay at a foreign location.

We are a bit anxious about Manila, but have been getting quite positive vibes so far. As I am relocating on Dependent Visa, one our concerns is my employment. Through my research I understand that Dependents are not permitted to work in Philippines. Are there any possibilities or legal opportunities for Dependents to be employed in Manila?

Apologize if I appear to be worked up in my introduction post. :P



hi  Vikram

My name is Zoe , i am Chinese living in the Philippines for 10 years already , I have visit India 4 years ago , and  Taj-mahal is so worthy to see !   Nothern trust is located in Taguig city ,The city was developed by Ayala Land..So , you don't need to worry about the place  ,the environment is very good ! you will enjoy staying there!

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Hi Zoe,

Really appreciate your time in sharing the update. It is quite reassuring to know about Taguig City. We are also considering of looking for some condos in and around BGC, which is close to Northern Trust office. I will keep you posted once we are in Manila, so please stay in touch.



hi Vikram

you are welcome ! keep in touch

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