Background check of Philippine fiance is she scamming me

I met a woman on Facebook 8 months ago many conversations. How can I find out if I am being scammed.

If she keeps on asking money

Inthisfate :

If she keeps on asking money

Yes! That’s a pretty good indicator.

If it is an intelligent scam, they will be patient and not ask money too soon... better "addict" the guy first ...

As a general rule no one should ever give money unless you have met her in person and assessed if there's a real connection. Even after this, they can be sly and addict you like the other comment. Best if you can get to know her friends, a lot of them will give you insight, but sometimes they give false info to rip you off for themselves. Always good to get a background check and surveillance if you can afford it. It's very tricky. I have a lot of friends who got great girls, but ALL OF THEM MET THE GIRL before getting serious. Good luck!

Don's prejudge .getting to know her family ,friends
from friend 's circle , you can understand her background


You wrote "Always good to get a background check and surveillance if you can afford it"  I agree.  I will like to do just that but, I'm having difficulty finding a PI that could do that for me.  The woman leaves in the province, can you help me with some info on a PI

What if her family is related to the communist party?

I used Zele investigation out of Thailand, but I don't know if they will cover the province. It was several years ago.

Thanks drvolvo, I'll take a look.

facebook says everything...unless you are not blinded by love 😄

I think if you have to ask...then it's probably true.

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