I'm filipina married to an egyptian man

Hello guyz...I'm a filipina who married to an egyptian man, we get married here in Philippines and we have 4 years old daughter who was born here in Philippines, my husbands family want me and my daughter to go egypt for vacation (by the way my husband is working in dubai and we have a little miss communication) I just want to know if his family have the chance to take my daughter away from me when we go in egypt. Thanks all

Hi.....i am egyptian canadian lives in jakarta...you have bad communication with husband but family want you go there...it is very wiered....why go? Why want you go there.? Is invitation to you and daughter...i guess yes.   To make it short...to avoid troubles and risk ....do not go. They probably want to raise her in islamic way....which is not a bad way ...if they are not extremist or ikhwan....are you ready for this...feel free contact me..

They didn't know what my husband and me have now, they want see me and my daughter 'cause it's already 4 years and yet they didn't see me and my daughter in person and my husband will go vacation also I'm just wondering if they have a chance that they can get my daughter away from me even I give birth my daughter here in Philippines.

Is your husband religous guy...what about family...where they live there...can you tell more about both family and husband....why bad communication now....is the reason daughter....say more details so i can say something more.

Yes he is and we just have misunderstanding with each other and bout his family I didn't meet them before it's going the first were going to meet when go to egypt next year, and they ask for the marriage contract and also the birth certificate of my daughter for the visa is that true that they need that requirement for the visa.

According to the following, YES, the child can be made to stay in Egypt with the Father.

Parental Kidnapping: 
The removal of a child by the non-custodial parent to or within Egypt is not a crime in Egypt unless the child is subject to Egyptian court-ordered travel restrictions.

http://www.international-divorce.com/St … -Abduction

These other bits may be relevant ?

Under Egyptian law, children born to an Egyptian father are automatically considered citizens of Egypt.

The father can get the child an Egyptian passport.
Shari’a law comes above everything else.

In the case of a child custody dispute, either spouse may obtain a court order preventing the other spouse from traveling until the dispute has been resolved.

Personally, unless I was totally happy with the relationship, it is not something I would risk.
But, as a father in marital trouble, who wanted the child, it could be a great opportunity.

Excellent research Diamond.

Getting a divorce from a non-Islamic partner might also be on the cards and getting grounds for that e.g. unreasonableness. However, anyone married under Philippines law knows its a screw without end (meant metaphorically).

Even I give birth to my daughter here in Philippines...and my daughters nationality written in her passport is filipino...and I'm already converted to muslim

Don't go is the short answer.

Ruby7683 :

Even I give birth to my daughter here in Philippines...and my daughters nationality written in her passport is filipino...and I'm already converted to muslim

If you go, you might come home with your daughter.

But, if the father, or his family, want to keep the child... You come home alone.

Your daughter being a Filipino in the passport is irrelevant.  The child will soon have an Egyptian passport, especially if they have the birth certificate, maybe even without it. Stat Decs may be accepted in Egypt for a passport.

I am sorry to say this, but if you have problems in the marriage, then this is highly likely outcome.

Something else to look at:

There is a high incidence of parental child abduction cases from the UK to Egypt.
There is no agreed international system in place to return children from Egypt to the UK.
Egypt has not signed the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

That's from the British Government about Child Abduction and Egypt.
https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/s … _Egypt.pdf

I just saw something even worse:

The Sharia and therefore the law use this rule to determine the right of moving to the mother with child.
If the mother is still married to the father, or if she is divorced but still in the waiting period, she has to stay in the same country where the father resides

http://lawyer-egy.com/law-projects/the- … y-law.html

dont do it, dont go. yes they can take your daughter and there will be nothing you can do about it and the philippine embassy will not be able to help you. this may be their plan to keep your daughter there.

AGREE 100 %

Thanks guyz for all the concern... :)

i non advice to you to travel if you have some misunderstanding, first clear all, and be sure that there is no any misunderstanding, and then travel, this with anyone egyption o filippino o italian o american o .........

hi ! never go there nor your daughter ! i was born in philippine ! my dad parents asked me and my mom to come for a vacation !! they tricked my mom ! they let me first come to jordan and and then what i thought is mom and dad is coming together !! then after a year my dad came by him self without my mom he has divorced her from there !! and now im 23 years old  girl im very sad i miss her , so what im about to do is im saving money to move there to find my mother and stay !! for sure they don't know what im about to do ..

Better don't go, coz they have a chance to take away your daughter, for sure don't go. Better let them come to visit you to see your daughter. If  they're really want to see.

Whatever you do... DO NOT take your child to Egypt or any Arab country...  they WILL take your child, you will have no rights.. Beware, Arabs/Egyptions are bad news for this kind of thing.

Yes of course, leave your daughter at home and be very careful of your personal safety while in the middle east.  You have very few right or legal recourse there.  Please do not take your child to the middle east.

Bad advice your giving her. Her husband can say anything to have her agree to take her daughter to Egypt. There are many horror stories of women losing their kids in situations just as this. He may act nice and sweet and agreeable, but when they arrive in Egypt. Game over

I have an Egyptian  friend he tells me as soon as they have the birth certificate they CAN get a her an Egyptian passport and registration.

Im filipina married to egyptian dont visit or bring ur daugther in egypt. Once ur there they will get the passport of your daugther and u cant go back with her.

can i ask? your husband try to visit in philippines?

Are you still in a relation with him? I am on the same tracked. Having troubles with my egyptian partner and we have a 2.yr old child

Hoping to hear also.

That’s so headache

Where u ftom

Hello..can i asked if where did u delivered  the baby? Its here in philippines?  Did u get philippine passport for the baby? Pls feel free to contact me. I need to know some information regarding this matter. My mobile number ***. Thanks.

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I am a German citizen also have a Philippino wife. I worked b4 for some years in Egypt and have some good friends there.
But I need to tell you, go not alone. Egyptians are nice people as long as you are alone with them. As soon as there come more together there is some like a chain reaction and if there is only one or two really religious you will become in a very bad situation.

First clear all misunderstandings with your husband, and if you are really sure that everything is good and your Husband is with you, you can start to think on.
But the risk is always there, most Muslim are good and open when they are alone, if they are in community with others you will see how they change. it has also something to do with fear to become named as one loose the faith.

It is always a risk as long as you are alone, and when your husband is from the countryside it is more dangerous.
God bless you

I think it's best not to go because it took them 4 years to invite you for a vacation

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