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My name is Karan Singh. I'm from New Delhi, India.
Currently I'm learning German language in India. I will be done with my B1 till next Month.
Right now I'm looking to do my further levels of language in Germany only, my uncle lives in Munich so i will prefer to learn in Munich only.
So can anyone help me suggest some good and affordable institutes to learn in Munich.
Also, I'm looking forward to do ausbildung after my language course. So my question is if I found a good ausbildung during my language course in Germany, can I change my language visa into the visa that will be required for doing ausbildung in Germany or am I supposed to come back to India and apply for visa again.
Any suggestion will really be helpful .
Thanks in advance

Your uncle can certainly help you find a good language school in Munich, can't he?
And regading conversion of language visa to apprentive visa, you should contact the Auslaenderamt in Munich to get a definitive reply. I assume it should be possible to convert

Thank you for the reply.
Yes!! My uncle can definitely help me but I was just looking for "more people, more experiences" .I thought maybe there can be more suggestions.
And about contacting to auslanderamt of Munich , can I just look for their mail account and email them or is there any other formal way of contacting?

It depends on the Ausländeramt: Some respond well (and some only) by email, others are best approached by phone, yet others require letters by post. In any case, they are not very service-oriented, and slow. If you write or call, do it in German - don‘t expect to be entertained in any other language (incl. English).
Your uncle probably knows the specifics of how to deal with Munich‘s Ausländeramt.

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