Looking for Lawyer specialised in Labour Law


I have an internal labour law issue with my current  International employer in Manila and HR don't want to do anything about it, although they are obliged to do so. I was verbally harassed by a coworker now 2 years ago, I reported it to HR last year and nothing was done about it. The issue is much bigger since a number of other incidents occurred including a fraud case of which I was not involved in.

Overal, I deal with an incompetent Management who doesn't want to be held accountable.

It is my believe I have a very strong case since I recorded everything.

Can anyone refer me to a Pro bono Lawyer pls?

Tx in advance

Doubt you will have much success with going after your employer in the Philippines.   Probably best in the long run to find a different employer.

Sounds like an uphill battle.
1. Your international employer is not taking care of this problem.
2. Pro bono lawyer in the Philippines?

My dad had book by Dale Carnegie, "How to win friends and influence people".

I thought it was ridiculous book, but I think Dale Carnegie is on to something.

I have encountered several foreigners here who wanted to bring legal cases against the blatant injustices they had been victim to. I also have considered this on occasions when I believed I had a solid case. I am sad to say that I didn't follow through because I am lazy and don't like confrontation and complication and the easy way out was to let the bad guy win.

I have also noticed that many people, both foreign and local, who are victimized by people in power in the Philippines who think they can make their own rules because they have money or influence, also don't fight it, and are advised by others not to fight it and just take the blow and slink away.

I think it's wrong. I think this is why it continues.

I now encourage all people who think they have a solid case against someone or some organization who victimized them to pursue it and don't make it easy for these abusers to get away with their abuse. Even if you lose the case, you still have your dignity because you didn't let someone step on you, and unlike others, you actually stood up for your rights and did something. Still, things might not change in this country, but surely, nothing will change if nobody stands up to it, that's guaranteed.

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