Car import

I am looking to move to hurghada later in the year and bringing my car with me.

Does anyone have an idea of the import taxes, registration etc to bring a European car to Egypt.

Car is an Hyundai i20, 1.2ltr benzine/gas, manual.

Many thanks


It depends on many terms like if you are holding an Egyptian citizenship or not . The exporting country . I advice you to contact the authority of ports before taking any further step.

ok thanks for the advice

You are welcome. Here is the official site of ports authority . Try it and stay in touch .

I think the general perception is that import duties and hassle will make the process not worth the effort.
Also, something to consider is that car import duties from the EU are supposed to reduce.  Look it up but supposedly from a month ago the import duties were announced to go to almost nothing but I think it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t end up importing a car and paying duties when the car may soon be worth half as much.

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