CostOfLiving for family of 4 - (inlc 2 kids) : Del to Singapore


Would request your experience and practical know how on following query.

I am contemplating to move to Singapore for long term job assignment with family (including 2 kids - one 3rd grade, younger: 1.5yr).

Current salary pay is approx INR 250,000 p.m. and living a good life with all needed amenities.     For estimating equivalent Singapore salary,  I have browsed through some comments and research wherein the conclusion seems that ideally in Singapore INR equivalent salary should be atleast 3.5times (x) India pay.

So would S$ 15k p.m. would be good enough?

Would request your view on :
- is this understanding/ conclusion correct? 
- If not, what should be the ideal equivalent salary in Singapore then?  What should be the ideal multiplier ?
- if 50% of school fee is paid by employer and 50% is to be borne by us, in that scenario, will S$15k would be good enough?
- Generally how much is the expense on groceries (eggatarian family - no non-veg) including milk etc.
- Total related cost of living (considering taxi is main mode of travelling - does small kids require bigger taxi for accomodating child seats?)

Your question of what is "enough" cannot be answered!
There are too many individual factors, expectations and spending habits influencing this to a very great extend. I know families living on far less than you quote and being happy, others have a multiple of it, spend it all and still complain that they need more.
You better read about the various expenses to be expected (your biggest will be rent, school fees, and car if you decide to have one) and make your own budgetary calculation. There were several threads on this forum assisting you with it, and external websites like
Please also note that S$15000/month is a very high salary, out of reach for all but higher managers. If this is what your employer offers you, you are lucky!

Agreed with Beppi. $15k is a salary cap at Senior VP level position or so. So, if employer is agreed to borne 50% of school fees then you can maintain a decent lifestyle here. Savings part depends on your lifestyle which I can’t comment. Good luck

Thanks Beppi for sharing insights and jolting me to do more research and analyse my lifestyle to further evaluate this :) ! I will ... 

Anyways when i mentioned '15k as enough',  may be i did not clarify that this amount as equivalent to INR would be enough.  I arrived at it by using 3x mulitiplier. 
No offer received yet !
Thanks again

Thanks Surya !

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