Cost of living in Singapore - 2017


Before moving to Singapore, it is important to investigate the cost of living in the country.

As we did in 2015, we give you the opportunity to share your experience and tell us more about products and services average recorded prices in your town/city/area.

Don't hesitate to let us know if the cost of living in Singapore has decreased or increased in the past few years.

Thanks to your help, would-be expatriates will have the opportunity to refine and better prepare their expatriation project.

> How much does it cost to rent an apartment/house in Singapore? 

> How much do you pay for your public transport tickets (bus, subway, train, tram)?

> Staple food: what do people eat and how much do they pay for basic food like bread, rice or pasta?

>What is your monthly grocery budget?

> How much does it cost to see a physician/doctor/specialist in Singapore ? 

> What is your children's schooling monthly budget?

> How much does it cost to fill up your car's fuel tank?

> How much do you pay for electricity/gas/water etc.?

> How much do you pay for your Internet/phone subscription?

> How much do you pay for your lunch pack on weekdays?

> How much do you pay for an espresso coffee?

> How much do you pay for a cinema ticket?

> How much does a gym membership cost in Singapore? 

Thank you everyone!


An arm and a leg !

Fdoul wrote:

An arm and a leg !

Well, I don't think the situation is really that bad - but anybody coming to Singapore without realizing that it is one of the most expensive places in the world (and bringing enough cash accordingly) is simply naive.
The "Singapore Cost of Living" threads of the previous years are still valid (although prices have probably increased slightly) and is also a good source of related information.

My very rough recommendation:
- As a single person, don't attempt to live here on less than S$3000/month (S$4000-5000/month even allows you some limited luxuries).
- As a couple, you need a minimum of S$5000/month, better S$7000-8000 to have a more resonable lifestyle.
- A family of three (one kid) should have at least S$7000/month, or more if an International school is desired (which costs S$1000-3000/month per kid).

The highest expense item will be rent:
- A sublet room in a shared flat (with limited privacy) costs S$1000-1200/month.
- A simple two bedroom (HDB) apartment in the outskirts costs S$2000-25000/month.
- A nicer three bedroom (private) apartment in a more convenient location costs S$3000-4000/month.

For food, transport (except taxis) and other daily expenses, count on S$600-800/month per person (or more if you want any luxuries or have special wishes for your lifestyle).

There's no doub that Singapore has an expensive cost of living, just we need to make the right calculation and proceed!!

Housing, cars, medical and restaurant meals are costly.. other than that, it is reasonable :)

escadakoh wrote:

restaurant meals are costly.

On the contrary, Singapore restaurants are cheap compared to other highly developed countries like Europe or  Japan.

You need to be tech savy to save cost. Use uber or grab services for bargain deal but got to understand the promo is good during off peak hrs. Surf the internet to research for good bargain.

Tech savvy ? I thought you were talking about computers not Grab and Uber . 😂😂😂

Currently holding SPass.
Living Expenses:

Room : $500+ (Shared with 2 people)
Food : $450+ (Assuming $15 per day)
Transport : $75+ (Depend on your route to office and back)
Phone : $50+ (Depends on the plan that you take)
Miscellaneous Items : $50 (Soap, Shampoo, etc).
Entertainment : $60+ (Netflix, Spotify, 1 or 2 cinema tickets)

could save around $1000. Maybe not much for Singaporeans standards, but hey you've got to start somewhere and climb up. It is possible to live with $2200 salary, just that you won't get to save as much.

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