Is SGD 7K good for a married couple (without kids)?


I've been offered a permanent role in Singapore for a monthly salary of SGD 7K + Medical & Dental insurance. Is this good enough for a young married couple (without kids) to live comfortably and also have decent savings?

- I'm planning to live in a 2BHK HDB
-will use public transport for majority of my travel (cabs <10% of the times)
-Will be a 50/50 split between cooking at home and eating out (at food courts mostly with fine dining twice a month)
-Clubbing twice a month
-Other general entertainment over the weekends (movies etc.)
-I don't smoke

How much would my living expenses work out to... considering  all of the above + utilities like electricity bill (heavy use of AC), internet, tv setup box, mobile phone bills, telephone bills?

I'm really looking forward for inputs from this community to make a decision.


Dear new joiner,

Welcome to SG, $7k per month is a decent salary for a couple, where 2+1 HDB rent varies from 1900 to 2300 per month depends on location.

Apart from house rent, rest r pretty affordable, as you didn't mention whether ur partner will work for future or not, so I assume if she does not work then utility bill may come $350 to $400 as u r a heavy Aircon user incl water n if city gas is connected.

Believe 2days clubbing in and avg spend $200 per each time u visit depends on where you go.

So, at the end of the month you may save $1000 to $1500.

I think you could be able to live a decent life keep at least 2k every month in your pocket.

mohamed02us wrote:

I think you could be able to live a decent life keep at least 2k every month in your pocket.

U mean to say he can save 2 k every month .?

Kindly read the cost breakups which others members have articulated on this forum .
With regards to :
Rent transport _food ,gas ,cable ,internet ,phone utilites like electricity  ,water ,etc
accommodation and education is very expensive there.
Public schools its not easy to get admission where feez are less.
And private the school fees are very high .

This factor does not matter since he mentioned he does not have any kids .

For a family ,atleast 10 k + SGD is required if he is looking for savings .


If you save S$2000/month from a S$6000 salary, you have S$4000/month left for everything else.
Assuming you stay in the cheapest HDB flat (in an inconvenient location) for S$2000/month, eat cheap food and spend minimal on daily expenses (no restaurants, only public transportation, no entertainment, cheapest clothes, etc.) at S$800/month per person, you have another S$400/month for tax, health care and other incidentals.
It is possible (as long as there are no unexpected happenings like illness, etc.), but it's a miserable life (no luxuries, no travel, no extras that make life enjoyable) and I would not recommend it to anyone.
Singapore is a good place to have a comfortable life, but not on a low budget!

And mohamed thinks he can save 2000$.

To  Mohammed:
This is singapore
One of the top 5 expensive places to live in
this world .
Please do not give advice without knowing thevl ground situation first

Beppi Sir :thank you for inculcating this eloquently as always . :top:

Doctor skk: i hope  you got the  best inputs.
Ultimately decision aap ko Lena hai, doctor sahab.


rajrana1981 wrote:


I had to look up this word in a dictionary. So I learned something today - thanks!

beppi wrote:
rajrana1981 wrote:


I had to look up this word in a dictionary. So I learned something today - thanks!

Beppi  :D  :lol:  :top:  ;)  :unsure .

Onething I noticed that Mohamad is a new bee in SG, who recently moved not even one week from Toronto, but surprise to see telling people how much someone could save in SG in a monthly basis.

Great attitude, but be careful without knowing the reality or truth, do not give suggestion or advice to others.

My most of suggestions are basic requirements to spend and stay in SG. If you look into slightly luxury life style then for couple $12k is must if you want stay in condo.



7k is not a bad salary but yes in it you cannot expect a luxurious life.

7k is enough for newly wed couple and frankly after 2+ years of experience in Singapore, you may get multiple options to switch with better numbers

For reference, I am on 11K a month (wife is not working)

spend $1.8K on a flat, own a car and 2 kids go to public schools. Eat out maybe couple times a week.

I'd be lucky to have more than $1k savings by the end of the month (which will end up being used for a vacation somewhere)

And Surya in his earlier replies had mentioned  that he can save 1500 $ .
But after beppi articulated the expenses correctly and precisely  as he does always

Surya has changed it to 12 k per month
:joking:  :lol:  :D

Rajrana, I'm not the person who believes in changing stands often. I always stick what I believe. With 7k a couple can live basic life in SG and can save $1000-$1500.

But if u want little bit luxury life which includes staying in condo, maintaining car then yes u have to earn $12k.

Read my post carefully, I have mentioned the word "bit luxury life" in my second post for $12k earnings. 😉

Key issue here is if there are kids or not. Having children means requiring a larger house, a car, a live-in maid, tuition, insurance, medical for kids etc etc that can blow a hole in your pocket.

As for original DRSKK's question:

2 bedroom HDB flat: $2,000
transport for 2 adults (with some cab): $500
food (restaurant twice a mth, rest in hawker): $1,300
clubbing (budget types): $200
entertainment (movie every week): $160
Utilities: $300
internet: $50
Cable tv: $100
mobile phone for two: $100

That's $4,700. So if you want to save $1,000 each month, you will still have around $1,000 left from your 7K salary to spend on clothes, household items, medical care, hobbies, gym, etc

I have read suryas posts .

He gives suggestions and ask members to meet him for lunch at the location I don't recall which he gives .
So I hope for all the advices solutions answers suggestions ideas surya gives
I hope some member will meet him for lunch .

You forgot the iconic and the most famous food court of Singapore.. Lau Pa Sat 😃

Anyway, earlier I didn't ask anyone to meet me,  rather I had said to new members if anybody visit Rafles place during working days at lunch time then we can have lunch together.

You should join private news agencies who sensationalize every line of other's statement but loss the core value of the same statement.

Didn't see your reply to my above statement which was related to, justification of my previous statements on salary of 7k and 12k .. 😁😎

Good luck next time.

Off-topic in a thread about cost of life, but anyway: I think it's a good ideafor our regular posters to meet (for lunch or otherwise). Can somebody arrange it? (Surya?)
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