Is 6,500 SGD is enough for single person in Singapore?

Is 6,500 SGD is enough for single person in Singapore?

I have 9 yrs of experience into IT and getting an offer from Singapore based company for 6,500 SGD per month.Is it the correct salary?


You are asking two independent questions:
1. Whether the offered salary is fair for the job, and
2. Whether the money is enough to survive?
Regarding the first, you should consult salary survey, which are published by various consultancies in regular intervals.
Regarding the second: This is above the average household income in Singapore - so if you cannot manage on it as a single person, you should adjust your lifestyle and spending choices.

Hi Beppi,

Thanks for replying.
For question no. 2,Considering i am expat...Is it enough as i would have to travel to India once in a year?

As I implied, it all depends on your lifestyle and spending habits - it is easy to spend it all and still want more. But the average Singaporean family (of three people) manages with it.

As we advise to spend sometime to go through various threads in the specific categories, if you would have gone through then by now you should have got an idea that the salary of S$6500 is more than above for a single person to live here.

If you want more details, you may refer below links (similar discussions can be seen in earlier threads):

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