Planning to move to Sweden asap

Hi, im a girl from philippines and i have been in sweden almost 3 months together with my Swedish boyfriend on a tourist visa.

We will go back together to philippines if i canot extend,
We will stay there until i can get back. Problem is we need to take care of some important things in sweden before summer, and i need to get a permit to stay here as soon as possible to help my man accomplish the things we need to do here in sweden. We are planning to get married and we can do that now in sweden or in philippines (when we need go back) if it helps us get the visitors / residence permit for me too stay/goback here in sweden before summer.

The question is:

What is the quickest way for me to get back here again or extend my stay?  We have good reasons why we need be  here if that helps? we will get married  someday, Does it help to do it now in sweden or in philippines for me to get long term visa in sweden?or how do we do this?

We been together every day for one year and we’re both 100% serious for this, how can we do this?

Share ur knowledge fellow expats we need ur advice..

There is no quickest or quicker way to be frank.
Your best bet is to apply for partner visa which takes on an average more than a year to process and in the meantime you could try to apply for a tourist visa yet again.

You can go to the nearest Migration office and request for a schengen visa extension. Just tell them the reason why you need to stay a little longer. for example, you need to plan your wedding there in Sweden. Request for extension should be (as far as i know) a month before your shengen visa expires. You may also call them but the waiting time to talk to someone on the other line takes ages so I suggest you just go to the nearest Migration office.

But if you are plannning to stay in Sweden for good, you have to go through the process. So even if you get an extension for your schengen visa and you got married, you still have to go back here in the Philippines to submit your application, wait for the email invitation for interview, book your interview, go to Bangkok for your interview, then wait for the decision. You can still go back to Sweden while waiting for the decision with a schengen visa, you just need to inform the migration officer then you have to leave the country again before they give you the decision.

They are very considerate when you request for an extension of your schengen visa, so long ad you have a valid reason.

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