For those who have applied for residency permit in 2017

Hej! I'm from the US, and have applied for a residency visa to live with my boyfriend who is Swedish. For those of you who have applied for the same visa this year (2017), how long has it taken for you to get an interview? We submitted our application on June 8th, and I'm HOPING maybe I'll get a response for an interview in two months (trying to stay hopeful here!) I can't imagine this whole process of getting the visa taking up to 18 months like the website says.. it seems like they just say that as a way to cover themselves. What do you guys think? Is it possible it could happen in less than a year?

Also, does anyone know how quick the whole process is if they don't need any extra information/if you turned in all of the required paperwork, etc?


Hi Kate, I was applied residence permit last February 26, 2017 but until now I'm still waiting   their email for an interview.

HI! What country are you applying from? And have they asked you to supply more information or documents yet?

I'm from Philippines.

I'm from Philippines.
They don't asked me yet but since my boyfriend always follow up our application, they asked him some more documents about the house were he lives, about his work(salary), and also our photos when we we're together.

This will be so strange for u if your application will take so long because u come from US but why he doesn't apply to come US ?

Hi Kate ,I have applied this year on August 2017 I got the email to book for the interview on September which I did book but they gave me in December.. So minimum wait for the interview for me was 5months calculating from when I applied waiting for them to give the decision .18months to 25 its a long wait I hope they give sooner .(I am from Kenya )

Hi everyone, I'm from Philippines but living in Bangkok. I'm new here in this forum. I think some people here have the same case with mine regarding the Residence Permit in Sweden. For my case my boyfriend and I have applied online last 25th Dec. 2017, I'v been in Sweden for a visit before I applied for residence visa. It says the waiting process is up to 15-17 months. Is there any solution to make it shorten? I still don't have a date for an interview and I am visiting again this April for a visit while waiting for my resident visa. I'm hoping for some advice. Thank you.

It is really hard and I have 19 months waiting the answer.

This is really frustrating, we often visit each other and I've been to Sweden last year and will go back this April. Hoping for the best.

Hi aima kabayan ako rin lastmonth january 9 din nag apply kmi ng residence permit pero papunta ako ngaung feb 12 sa sweden visit visa while waiting ng residence visa

Hi, so we are in the same case. may tanong ako nung nag apply ako selected lang kc yung hiningi nilang docs, like passport copy, certificate of unmarried sa side ko. so dih ko na send yung mga proofs like pictures etc.

hi everyone, I just got my interview scheduled. it took three months from the day I applied. how long it takes the decision after the interview? and now I am a little nervous about the decision. Hoping for the best.

Hi aima.I also did my interview last DEC 2017 still waiting for the decision ,no one knows how long it takes it varies from cases to cases some earlier than others ..good luck on us  I applied august 2017

Hi Salwahallison, Thanks for your reply. Good luck for us. I have an interview and after two days i'm gonna fly to Sweden for 1 month visit with a shechen visa. My concern is i'm afraid it's gonna affect my Residence visa? any advice? I read on the website that you can still visit Sweden while waiting for the Decision. I just want an advice for my case. Anybody?

If you have gotten the visa to visit that's good ..that will also help in your case but do tell the the person at the interview  that you are going to Sweden since they can not make the decision while you are in side Sweden ,that can help too since they will see the relationship its strong :)hopping to hear good news from you soon and good luck

Thank you for your advice Salwahallison :) it calms me to read your reply.

Aima you are welcome ,am glad to hear I can help in that way ...


My name is Alexandre, Brazilian citizen and I have applied 09-02-2017 to live with my partner who is Swedish in Sweden.

It has been almost 18 months and they have not contacted me yet. I went through interview August 2017.

Have any of you received any result from MV since then?


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