Steps how my indian husband & our babies can go to philippines

Hello i just want to ask what is the easiest way for my indian husband and our two babies to come to Philippines, I am little bit confused because someone told me that my 2 babies can get dual citizenship (indian + pilipino) is this possible..they have already passport and there it was registered that they are indians..both was delivered here in saudi arabia..anybody can give me opinion of what to do or shall we buy tourist visa for our babies ..pls. kindly give opinion and is anybody has the same experience ..pls kindly let me know what u did..thanks

Hello, your kids can get Philippine citizenship and you can do that in Saudi Arabia itself at the Philippine embassy. You cannot get dual citizenship because India doesnt recognize dual citizenship. They will have to give up their Indian citizenship after they attain Philippine citizenship. Your husband can get a tourist visa to the Philippines and then convert visa status to TRV (temporary resident visa) in the Philippines at Bureau of Immigration, Intramuros.

Good luck.

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