New members of the China forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

I am a Chinese native and I am based in Guangzhou, working on project financing loans. If you have some difficult questions in China, I can answer them.

Hi Ashley
I am new in China
Can you assist me find a teaching Job

What kind of loans .
Is it business loans?

Hi there, so what should a foreigner do in order to set up a business in China, I'm Moroccan.

Of course, we can add facebook or WeChat to communicate.

Hello, I have lived in Guangdong province, Huizhou for a year and a half. My favorite area is Shenzhen though. I am currently investigating going to university there. I need to get a bachelor degree and I want to learn Chinese. I am learning VERY slowly.

Hi and thank you Julian, actually my experience been nothing else but ordinary, of course the excitement of a new country was there, and was happy living here, been here for the last 20 years, mostly working in Sourcing, met my wife here had two beautiful daughter , and just decided because of school to move them to Canada, as of may 2019, and I decided to come back, business not being to try for a year, so was looking to share my flat, and that how while googling I found, Essentially that’s all.


This is Jessica, and I am a local Shanghainess. I am preparing my langauge for study in England and also want to meet new friends :)

I can speak Chinese、English and a little French

If you want to have someone to explore the city or just want to catch up with new friends please feel  free to contact with me

Hello :).. Where are you in Shenzhen? I am just new here and I feel so alien hahaha.

Hi! I'm Hannah from Sweden. I'm gong on an exchange program at Shandong University in Jinan next spring. I joined this forum to meet people who are in the same situation as me or have recommendations about Jinan!

Also! I'm taking Chinese classes and want to have language exchange with native speakers or other learners  :)

Feel free to send me a message!

Hie My name is Mathias and I am from zimbabwe, I was a Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe in the chemistry department and I am seeking placement in Beijing. Currently living in Dubai but on my way to China. I can teach both English and Chemistry. My highest qualification is MSc Chemistry. I am doing TEFL right now.

I just discovered Expat Forum emails were going to my spam box. So I thought there was nothing happening here. I am actually in Huizhou. It is a little drive from Shenzhen. I visit Shenzhen whenever I have the time. I just spent 5 days there for the national holiday. Shenzhen is a beautiful city. I would enjoy it and not be concerned about feeling like an alien. There are many foreigners if interacting with the humans seems of interest to you. I am not judging.

Hey, i'm from Ireland and working as a network engineer. My girlfriend has to move back to China in 2020 for two years and I would love to move with her. To make it long term i'm anxious about a few things mainly the language and if I can find work as a network engineer without fluent chinese, will I be able to buy a house, is it possible for expats to remain in china long term, any chance of getting a green card etc hoping to find some answers on this site, thanks

Good day..  I'm Jon. I am originally from the United States and I have been here in China for 11 years.  All of those 11 years were in Beijing.  I have just moved to Suzhou with my wife and hope to get to know the area.  Unfortunately, I am in the Wuzhong District so I am a bit far from the main city area.  However, I am near line four.

Howdy everyone, I am about to accept a job offer in Chengdu, will start the moving process soon, I am from the US btw. So wanted to see if there is WeChat group that I can join or some local expat get-together events happening soon, thank you ~


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Hi, I'm Gaboch and lived in China for 5 years working as a teacher.
For any new teachers who would like to share teaching strategies, please, feel free to let me know.

I'm constantly learning to improve the global education system!

shbW :

Hi, I'm Gaboch and lived in China for 5 years working as a teacher.
For any new teachers who would like to share teaching strategies, please, feel free to let me know.

I'm constantly learning to improve the global education system!

Interesting idea.
Perhaps you might like to start a thread, either in the China section or, if you're looking for global responses, in a non- geographic section.

Hi Julien, 

I'm moving to Tianjin with my (soon-to-be) wife, Gabi at the beginning of January.  We have no idea what to expect and we are very excited!  I will be teaching at a music academy in the Binhai area of the city by the port. 

I assume we will start in an airbnb apartment for a few weeks while we sort out more permanent accommodation.  We're into music (of all types), nature and vegetarian cooking.  We would be happy to hear from anyone who lives nearby or has any advice for us.

Does anyone have any advice about what we should do to prepare for life in China?



I received an offer of employment from Shanghai Ruique Culture Development Co., Ltd (上海瑞阙文化发展有限公司), based in Shanghai. All I know about this company is they are Internet Finance Company and working on building a trading system. I have been searching this company but there is not many helpful information, some are Chinese language that I don't understand.

Could anyone in China please help me? Is it a good workplace for my next trip to Shanghai?

Thank you very much in advance.

Where are the best places to go in Tianjin?

Hi everyone, 

    My name is John I'm 28.  I have been living in Chongqing, China for about 5 months now. I moved from New York City with my wife and son.  She's Chinese and works as a Photographer.  My background is in Filmmaking and project management.  I feel lucky to have the opportunity to experience live in China , but if I'm being honest, I miss a lot about the US. I think what I miss the most is speaking English and being able to strike up conversations with people. I've been pretty quite for the last few months. But, I'm making an effort to learn Mandarin and would definitely appreciate any tips from locals or maybe getting together to talk.

I like:
Video Games
Hotpot ( still trying to get used to spicy food)
And talking. 


Hi Julian,
Thank you this is just our brief introduction and maybe someone would be able to assist.

We are a family
Dudrey (Dee) aged 51
Husband - Erik aged 50
Daughter - Kiara aged 12,
Daughter - Cassandra aged 7

We would like to teach and study for the next 6 years.

We are both enrolling to complete our teaching degrees with Unisa University online. We want love to teach in China.

I have had my own school for 5 years, so I have teaching experience. (Aged 0 -6 years). I do have a TEFL certificate. Erik is busy with his.  Erik has experience in English editing, copywriting and training.

I am going to include all our resumes because we have many years of experience and hopefully this can contribute towards our goal.
We would like to start as soon as possible.
Please find our resumes and other qualifications attached.

Hope you can make this dream come true for us.
Please advise soonest.

Hi there,

Currently living and teaching in Thailand.

I want to move to Shenzen next year.

I am an Engineer, looking to work in Shenzen as an R&D Engineer or an English Teacher.


Newbie from indonesia..., glad to finally came back and stay in china again after 4 years

Hi rangers01,

That's a generous post!  Do you have any experience of dealing with S1 (spouse) Visas for China?

I have taken a job in Tianjin and will get a Z Visa and residency for 3 years.  I am getting married in the UK before travelling to China but, because of the timeframe, my wife will initially be travelling on an L (Tourist) Visa. If we have all of the properly authenticated paperwork for the S1 Visa, including the marriage certificate, does you know if we can deal with this in China or whether we will have to fly home? (or who we could contact to find out?)



I have just arrived few weeks ago and also work as an ESL teacher in Jinan. Would love to connect!

Hi Everyone

Just moved to Wujin, near Changzhou. Been living here 2 weeks now so still relatively new and adjusting to life here. I want to learn more and develop my relationships.  Anyone available to help me on my journey or help me with learning Chinese I would really appreciate.

rangers01 :

I am a Chinese native and I am based in Guangzhou, working on project financing loans. If you have some difficult questions in China, I can answer them.

Is P2P? or bank loan? it will be licensed

It depends on your knowledge background and skill, try on linkin

Hi Everyone.  I have been travelling between Australia and Chengdu for over 12 moths as I set up my English teaching business.  Maybe it is the area that I am in but I am finding very few expats where I stay in Chengdu.    I must say that I do have an excellent coffee shop with bottomless cups of flat whites just down from my apartment.  Looking forward to expanding my network of friends while exploring this great city.
Cheers Bruce

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