New members of the China forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

HA HA! sounds like Canada weather!

Hi Lance,
               This is sam from India. I will be travelling to jinan on septemper for work.
Hope to see you sometime in city.

Hello expat community. I am looking to relocate from California to Chengdu with my Chinese partner. We spent the last few years visiting this city where she was born and looking for new communities where we feel comfortable. We settled on Wenjiang and now own a lovely apartment that we just finished building out with a fabulous local architect/builder. Happy to share experiences with anyone interested.

Hope to meet some of you online and in person.

Hi everyone,

I'll be relocating to Suzhou to lecture at XJTLU in September.

I'd love any advice on Suzhou that you may have to offer.

Thank you in advance!

I am looking for a sponsored to come here in China.


This is Charles. I am a Chinese citizen and had been working in Malaysia for many years. Just moved back to China and now in Fuzhou, Fujian. Like to meet you guys.

Good day all
I have relocated from South Africa,CapeTown.
Now living in Dandong,Liaoning province.
Very earnestly seeking to teach english in china if possible.
My expat history is mining and civils worldwide.
Would love to get in contact with people who can assist to get me settled properly in china.
Please forward me your we chat contact.

Heading in to Chengdu in September!

Hoping to get to know some friends while trying to sort out my accommodation

Hi there, I'm Eje from Iran. I'm an English teacher and I'm looking for job...


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Sounds awesome,
where should we begin?

Am in Wenzhou,too bad didn't join yet in this platform

This Waylon from England,i just get hired in a company named Teacherrecord which is related to foreign teacher recruitment website operation,do you know this company?And could you give me some advise to live in Shenzhen?Like any good bars or cafes.

Thank you so much. Its a pleasure to join a group of supportive guys. I am not  an english native speaker but as I said I have been teaching english for about 14 years so I am confident enough to tell you that I am near  native with a decent  american accent and an excellent fit for the teaching job position in china. I need your help to land an interview.

Hi,i am Waylon from UK,and i was working in jinan last year ,but right now i am working in Shenzhen,Guangdong.I knew a very nice agent and training center in jinan,who can provide you full time or part  time job in jinan.If you are interestde,please let me know.

I just see many fellows are looking for teaching job in China?I was anxious like this several year ago,right now i am working on TeacherRecord where you can find offline and online teaching jobs,i really wanna be helpful.China is becoming better and better,she deserves more young people to chase their dreams...


Hi dear wylon
Thank you for your reply,
Thats very kind of you. It is worth mentioning that I have my Phd in Sociology so I can teach social studies too. I am not a demanding  person .I suppose I am going to go on an expedition. Another important thing is my wife is an English teacher too. So this can be an asset. by the way,thank you for your help
Looking forward to hearing from you and your agent

Hello Waylon,

I will be landing in China end of this month. Will be looking for a ESL Teaching job as well. Any help will be appreciated. I heard going through a proper agent speeds things up. Please if you can share me the contact details. Much appreciated.


Hi am Hyder. I will be moving to China this month. This forum seems like an excellent place to get to know many different nationality people and must say people here seem very supportive ! Would love to know people as well, make friends and hang out.

I would recommend Shanghai.


This is Taufik & have been staying in china over 4 years. and past one year i am staying in Shenzhen a city of making your impossible to possible. and it's also sister city of Hong Kong & Guangzhou. It's amazing. Well you can hit up here when you arrive in China.

Best wishes to you.

Go to Shanghai it feels good to stay in a city like that

Hi to everybody, just moved to Beijing, BDA area for living and working. I am Italian, work in the Publishing Business. I know Beijing well but would like to make new friends and share activities. I am in Beijing on my own.
Would be nice to share experiences with some of you in Beijing.
thanks a lot! Cinzia

Hi guys, From malaysia. Moving to xiamen by the end of the month. Will be setting up a small business to do some trading between malaysia and China. Have a feeling the customs regulation and work are going to be Hell LOL. Would love to make some new friends in xiamen although i don't drink.... wonder if that will work LOL.

I'm new in Dalian working for a local university. I'd like to meet new friends and explore the community.

Hi everyone,
I just move back to China, lived before in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen. Now in Chengdu. Love the food,....  but may move soon to Hong Kong :-)

Hello here.
This is Kim from Guangzhou.
Wanna get you guys as my friends and would be happy with that.

Hi guys,
I'm Jouke from the Netherlands and I just arrived in Guangzhou yesterday. I'm 21 years old and I will be working here as a soccer coach for at least a year.

I'm looking for people to spend some time with and I would love to get to know some good places in Guangzhou!

Its my 1st time to go in shanghai. Actually I dont know anything yet in any place in China coz I just arrived since last 24-Aug. I did not go anywhere even here in keqiao hangzhou coz I really dont know the place + road, street sign are all in chinese, even building sign are write in chinese. I schedule to go to shanghai by tommorow alone. I need to go to philippine consulate to get some docs for my visa. Can you help me to guide after I get down from the train station? Where will I go for a taxi or any people I can talk for the information. Below is add.

Philippine Consulate add:
Suite 301 Metrobank plaza
1160 Yan An west road
Changning dustrict
20052 Shanghai


Hi, I'm Ed and new to Guangzhou. I am from New York and am looking forward to a new experience living in China. I only speak English so it seems like i may have trouble with that. hope to meet other people that speak English.

Welcome to China whistlewhileyouwalk, youre not alone. We are on the same trouble. Hahahaha. We are expat, we will survive!!!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to!

Thank you for your introduction.

[at]Ako tu > i invite you to create a new topic with your questions on the China forum for better visibility.

Good luck,

thank you!

My name is Eric
Just moved in to china from Ghana
Want to seek for a teaching job in any school or city
Any assistance will be kindly welcome
And info about staying and teaching in china will be greatly welcome

Hey Eric~ I am Ashley. I am currently working in Shanghai. If you come to Shanghai, you can contact me for housing questions. I know some apartments around here available.

Hi, I'm Faye, a local Shanghainese. Currently on assignment in Ho Chi Min City and will be back next Feb. Glad to know you guys~

Hi Caito,

It's great.

Changsha is great.

Hi Oly,

Are you going to work there?

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