New members of the China forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

I've been in Shanghai 2 weeks and am hoping to meet others to socialize with. Are there any Aussies commemorating Anzac Day on Friday?



Hello everyone. I am Wendy from Canada and I am planning to come to China to work as a teacher. I will be coming to Changsha, more particularly in Biguiyuan. Can anybody tell me about life in Changsha and especially about the apartments etc..?

Hello all,

I moved here 2 months ago and want to explore around.

If there are some events I want to join also.


Hi Expats,  I am from India and will be coming to Foshan for a  6 months project in mid May 2019. I have never been in China.

Looking forward to connect with like minded expats.


I was working at a factory there.  Years later  I began a two week vacation starting in Beijing that turned into a two year stay ending in Guangzhou.  I have experienced the best and worst times of my life in China. From Travel and sightseeing to weeks in the hospital.  Found love in Guangzhou in 2010 and married her. We moved back to the USA but we visit her family in China regularly.  We are traveling to Guangzhou this May and June. Not really expats but maybe in the future.

Places I've been, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beihai, YiYang, Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Nanning, Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shunde, Foshan, Bangkok, Pattaya.   I have thousands of photos of my travel to share.
One of my favorite videos of Guangzhou.

Some photos

Best Regards,  Gerry and Fiona.

Question is there a limit to the length of our post? Because the first paragraph of my previous post is missing.

Hello Everyone!
I am Dorothea, a Hungarian musician and music teacher, living in Beijing at the moment. I enjoy the lifestyle here, but I will change my work place from the beginning of August. I will move to Shanghai with my husband, and I look forward to meet other expats at my new place!


I just moved to Hangzhou and It has been challenging so far. I am not impressed with the accommodation I was provided and I don't know what to do.

I am a newcomer to SHENZHEN city!  LOVELY LOVELY PLACE full of parks and beaches and quick access to Hong Kong. I am seeking investors to build a big new Academy for 1500 students aged NEWBORN to 6 years old----  and grades 1 to 10. I have a new Curriculum and I will be starting to TRAIN new teachers soon.....   HELLO EVERYONE! Nice to meet you all. See you at WAGGAS restaurants or SEA WORLD or COCO PARK!! ha . ha! Or on the Hong Kong Beach!  take care- kriss

Hello, my name is Nikoleta. I moved to Shanghai almost 3 weeks back. I am working as an English teacher and also looking for part time job teaching kids. :)

CHANGSHA is the capital city of HUNAN province which is the center of China- basically---
I was in CHENZHOU city which is an hour south of Changsha.
BUT CHANGSHA is very MODERN and UPSCALE--  compared to many other cities in Hunan. A nice place to start out in China. And your wage should be higher there compared to other Hunan cities!
BEST OF LUCK---     AND MAKE 100% sure the school applies for a TIN (TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER) NUMBER FOR YOU!!!   If they do not get you a number AND PAY YOUR TAX-- there is no way to get your money OUT of CHINA LEGALLY---   and the Gov. will most likely confiscate your bank account.
IF THEY ARGUE---  find another SCHOOL!

I'm Interested if can shoot good funny clip or how you like might be good experience ☺️

Hello all,

I'm looking to move to Zhuhai in the summer of 2020 and would like to find out as much as I can ahead of this possible move.

I've also lived in Xiamen for 2 years (not currently there though) and would love to help anyone who is thinking about moving there.

Feel free to message me if you are in either camps!

Hi William,

I am looking to move to Zhuhai but haven't yet applied to any schools. I'm probably going to apply to Zhuhai International School if they have any vacancies. My wife, who is currently training to be a TEFL teacher, will be coming with me and looking for work when/IF we get there (probably).

Have you found work? If so, where?

What are you doing regarding accommodation?

Hope your move goes well!


Hi! My name is Eric and I'm a high school math teacher from Texas in the USA. I'm planning on moving to Chongqing to teach at an international school in August of 2019. Excited to learn more about China and experience a new culture!!

Hello Tatjana,
I am from Belgrade, Serbia, considering now to move to China to give lessons to kids

Hello Tatjana,
I am from Belgrade, Serbia, considering now to move to China to give lessons to kids. I am looking for a job
Milan Popović

Hi, I am a mechanical Engineer looking for a job in manufacturing or transportation sector.
If anyone, come across such opportunities please let me know.

Hello everyone. I am an English teacher, moved to Langfang, Hebei Province last month and I am looking to make some friends.


About to move to shanghai to start a new job and would like to get to know what’s what. Any tips or advice will be greatly received.

Looking to make some new friends too...and if you know some Chinese you could teach me then all the better!

Hi Greg
My name is Asha. I just arrived in China last month to teach English.
The first challenge was the plug points here - bring along some international plug sockets as China uses a different one and charging your phone can become problematic. The hotels are fine, they cater, but your accommodation might not.

My name is Asha. I am also teaching English.
Are you enjoying Shanghai?


This is Mary who just moved to Shanghai for a new job.
Currently I' staying in my friends' place but in August I need to find my own place.
If anyone who is also looking for a new apt to share, pls let me know. :)
Hope to make friends and explore the city together.


Hi everyone!

I am a social researcher from and funded by the University of Warwick, I will be conducting research in Shanghai from the 7th to 20th of August 2019. I am looking for British expats that have stayed in Shanghai for at least 6 months. Please get in contact with me if you are interested!

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I read your post and the first thought that came to my mind is- "WHY SHANGHAI" ?
(I lived in the UK for 15 years- so I know brits well!)
The reason I ask is- SHANGHAI is considered to be little USA.... and HONG KONG is considered to be little UK. (as a broad generalization)
For certain you will find more UK expats in Hong Kong.... and lots in neighboring Shenzhen... and even Guangzhou.
BUT HEY- only asking---
MAYBE THIS WILL HELP YOU- copied from the internet.-------

InterNations - A Place for Brits in Shanghai
Hello to all of our Brits in Shanghai! Are you interested in getting to know fellow British expats in Shanghai? Are you looking for advice from other Brits, e.g. which bars in Shanghai will broadcast your favorite team’s upcoming match or where in town to go for roast beef?

You are cordially invited to be part of InterNations Shanghai. Among the members of our international expat network, there is also a vibrant circle of British expats, coming from London, Cardiff, Glasgow and all regions of the UK.

GOOD LUCK with your studies.....

shan dong province is very traditional,  some of them even like are not living  in the same generation with others who living in big cities.

go to website,   on this web you can buy anything you want!   almost anything!

which city you will move to ?

hi, i am in tianjin, not far away from langfang.


Hi everyone!
I'm Cristina, l'm from Romania and will be moving to Chengdu, China at the end of July. I'm a primary school teacher and an English teacher - so l'm going there to teach English.
I'm beyond excited and a bit apprehensive, but all in all, l cannot wait to start my life in China!
I'm hoping to meet new people and make new friends on here and in real life.
Thanks a bunch for this site and forum and all the important info you guys post here!

Hi boys and girls,

I’m Vinny. All the way from the England, UK. I’ve lived and worked in Shanghai just over a year now. Loving it here. But it’s just been work work work. Hope I can meet more new friends from this site. Plus I know a place that’s hiring teachers to teach English if anyone is interested. Private message me for more details please. Any newcomers want to know more about Shanghai I’ll be glad to help!


I will be moving to Shanghai for work and will be in the city this weekend for a look see. Even though i have been to the city few times the Feeling is still kind of daunting 😅!
Look forward to learning the experience from other foreigners living in the city now.

Hi everyone

My family and I are moving to Nanning city hopefully by end of this month. My husband and I are both ESL teachers.
We are currently trying to find housing and school for my 6 year old daughter. And we would love to meet other families that live in Nanning city too.  :)


Hello everyone!

I'm Russian and about to move to Beijing, expecting by the end of July.

Feeling excited and a bit nervous ))))

I have 8 years experience of living abroad, in Dubai. But China is so much unknown for me. And I know no one there.

Hope to meet other expats soon. Cheers :)

Hello everyone!I'm in hangzhou .I want to make new friends.You can add me WeChat ID,my WeChat ID is ***

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Hi, Im officially moving to shanghai on 12JUL2019!

I will love to meet other expats for drinks, partying and also to network.

Speak Low is one of the place on my list to visit as I am kind of into the bar/mixology scene (undertook some mixology/bartending course during my spare time)

PM me there's interest to chill and relax!

Hello everyone,

I am Paul from the UK (Plymouth), been living and working in China for almost ten years now. Worked in the bigger cities, visited many smaller, but fell in love with Inner Mongolia, XilinGol Province to be exact and been here for in total about 5 years.

I am part owner and headmaster of a small, but growing group of English training schools and at the age of 52, starting to look at a retirement plan of maybe investing in to a new business in Thailand over the next few years. Actually just joined this site today, to have a look around and maybe meet new friends.

Happy life everyone.

HAPPY LIFE to you to Paul--
I used to live in London and Birmingham for years before I moved to China---
I am older than you- but very active-- 
I have written a totally new curriculum program and teaching method for BABIES to 2.5 years old - children to 6 years old- and Grades 1 to 10.   It is the most advanced teaching program in the world.
It has been proved in China over the past 3 years.
Now I am looking for investors to build a new 1500 student Academy here in Shenzhen- or elsewhere. The business plan is very profitable----   in case you know of anyone who may be interested.

ANYWAY-- I have lived in numerous Chinese cities - and always wanted to visit Inner Mongolia- but never made it that far north YET!
Do you have any interesting Photos---

How come Thailand now? My searches of Rural Thailand were always interesting....

AND YOU ARE FAR TOO YOUNG to retire - Ha . Ha !

Hi Kristov,

Many thanks for the reply and acknowledgement.

I have also created a small range of books aimed at kindergarten to grade 6, but purely for internal use at present, until ironing out a few areas and then who knows. So at the moment, I don't know of anyone looking to invest in book material, but will keep it in mind.

You most certainly should take a trip up here, with one of the most beautiful grassland areas, rich in cultural colours and tastes mixed by the local Han and Mongolian traditions. Best time to visit would be the summertime, with temperatures in the 25s to 35s, where as the winter drops as low as -35s - -45s, although very beautiful in white rather than lush green. Drop me a message anytime, welcome you to visit and show you around or advise where to go.

Thailand for the cheap cost of living and the style of living I suppose. It is one of a few areas I have narrowed my search down to, now it's keeping an eye out for the right investment opportunity.

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