Brining a dog from the U.S. to Riyadh

Hello Dog Lovers,
I have read the requirements on the Saudi Embassy's sight for bringing a dog from the U.S.
It appears they need to be for hunting, protection or a seeing eye dog. Seems like a lot of red tape too.
Has anyone successfully brought their pet dog to Riyadh?
I would love to hear about your experience and get any tips you might have.
Charley's Mom

Best you consult ,by telephone, the consulate of Saudi Arabia nearest to you.

Saudi Arabia Embassy list in United States of America
in District of Columbia. 601 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. 20037. Washington. ...
in New York, NY. 866 2nd Ave 5th floor. NY 10017. New York. ...
in Houston, TX. Houston, Texas 5718 Westheimer, Suite 1500. TX 77057. Houston. ...
in Los Angeles, CA. 2045 Sawtelle Blvd. CA 90025. Los Angeles.

Thank you.

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