Any expats in Tetouan?

I’m currently living in Tetouan and I was wondering if there are more expats living here?

Hi Layliita,

Welcome to the Morocco forum !

As it is your first post, it would be nice if you can tell us more about yourself.
For how long will you stay in Tetouan?


Priscilla team

Hi Layliita, I'm an expat and I recently moved to the Tetouan area.  I love it here so far, but it would be great to connect with English speakers.

That’s great!
Maybe we can meet sometime for a coffee?

Hi! Thank you!

I live permanently in Tetouan.
I’m 23 years old and I’m running a coffee shop.

Hi so where is your coffee shop and always is good to find English speakers. I live in Cabo Negro for several years love tetouan and Tanger.i look forward to your coffee which is an addiction of mine..
Regards Nasser

Hello DD,
When did you start drinking coffee?

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