Dependent visa for family with Hep B

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I have obtained the yellow slip (visa number) from Istiqdam on the end of December 2018. Now during the medical test of my wife, it found out that she has Hep B. Summary of the medical results is shown below:

HBsAg - reactive
HBV - nonreactive
HIV Ag/Ab - nonreactive
Anti-HCV - nonreactive
Syphilis Ab - nonreactive

My question, will she be able to have iqama once she comes here in Saudi Arabia? Will the insurance companies insure her?

If you the same case as this, or if you know someone who has the same case as we are, please comment the answers below and inform us what we should do in order to obtain the iqama. Thanks to all and appreciate your help!

Can you let us know what was the result of your application for dependent visa. I am in similar situation and will be applying soon.

Hi imqu, you can call me in my mobile. I have sent you a reply in the message and I gave my mobile number to you. We have already solved this case, and my wife got her iqama already.

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Just want to know whats the update regarding the iqama for your wife.?

Does anyone know or have experience if the husband whos working in Saudia Riyadh can bring his wife who has hepa B- healthy carrier as dependent and request for residence or family visa? The wife is Hepa B- healty carrier as she was in-active as per her doctor. Is there a chance she can be with her husband and get iqama?

Your response would highly appreciated!.
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