Looking for Short term Rental.

I am a US Expat currently working in Iraq. Due to visa issues, i am l currently leaving Iraq and waiting on Visa reentry and want a short term rental until I can return to Iraq for work.  Prefer month to month.  I am very clean and respectful of peoples privacy and take very good care of residence. Would like to be Russian Market or riverside area.  Thank you.


I think the best way is to get a room in a cheap hostel, costs about $5 - $10 a night based on a month stay.

Look on Booking.com, search in Daun Penh area and you will find.

I have found rooms for $5 a night for a friend some time ago.

Good luck.

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I'm also looking for a rental near russian Market. Simple but clean. I'll arrive at the 15. of April. I'm looking for something between 3 and 6  month's, cause it will be not my final destination.
I'm not a big friend of agencys, so If anybody know something for interest..

Nice regards!


Go to the Housing in Phnom Penh section and search for flats in Phnom Penh.

No fear of agents, they are only trying to help you, for free.
I just had a meeting with my agent as I want to change apartment soon, nothing than cooperation and benevolence.



If i may suggest another option to russian market. Try Toul Kork.  Quiet but plenty of bars close, not the girly bars downtown where you can not milk a drink without 6 girls asking for you to support their family. most places have night security, and one 40 cent bus from russian market or 2$ taxi from riverside because it is on a major road. A lot of places rehabbed to western standards and it is a renters market now.  Just be prepared to pay 200-250$ for a really nice fully furnished studio with washer, hot water cable , internet and air con.  Normally they supply stove, rice cooker, fefrigerator and water kettle along with a few plates bowls and silverware.  Less for khmer style. I have lived both and now i live in part western part khmer style.
They just want empties rented now that so many places are being finished. Also, it is not an expat central , but many residents speak decent english.  A big market there off street 582.  If you go to street 578 and 293, and walk from 293 to 307, you will see a dozen places for rent. Just tell them what you want to spend. 
Some are khmer style at 100$ a month if you want to rough it.  Just buy a rice cooker and a little cooler and enjoy your rice, soup and 45 cent beers.  Normally they have a mattress and a fan along with natural air through the wall vents. And dont worry about internet as it is dirt cheap or supplied.
and the western studios are about 200 if you sign 6 month. 3 month leases are common at 50$ more but you will not get deposit back if you leave early.  I lived russian market and toul kork. I like the people in toul kork better along with the little shop food being more authentic. I find living in russian market prices of everything in stores and the market is a way higher by about 50% if you are not khmer or if they dont know you well. Toul kork, you just pull what it should cost out and expest to pay 500 riel (12 cents ) more than khmer.
A lot of advantages to living a little further out, one is less competition with other foriegners. Two, people genuinely want to speak to you just to try out there english. 3.  Not uncommon to walk down the same street each day and occasionally someone you say hi to will invite you to sit down with the family right in their shop or on the sidewalk to partake in dinner. Just be nice when you pass say hello to kids and if you think they are friendly, be sure to not offer money but bring some bologna, hot dogs or crabsticks from market next time you see them . They typically feed 6 or more members for about 2-5 $ (closer to $2) in meat and veggies on a grill. And it tastes better than a restaurant 15$ meal with better company. Offering a few dollars in seafood western style , hot dogs or bologna makes a friend forever. They dont ever go to the western market (no time to) so you give the kids something they rarely have. I had the tailor tell me to take off my shirt one day because it was not pressed properly by another place.

Finally, if you insist on russian market, try the street next (south side) to chinese embassy, apt 112, at mao tse tsong and 163 or 167 i think.  You know the building if you see coffe today mao tse tsung shop right on the corner. It is on google maps. Owner lives downstairs. She rents same or next day. She will ask for a year lease but tell her 3 months or so because you dont know if you can stay.  She will throw in a gas stove for free if you say you cook.  Far enough from market that it does not smell, good cheap food 150 meters away, and 500 meters or so to the market. And it is clean. And plenty of markets with western foods nearby. Though i thing a 1$ bowl of soup or plate of chicken and rice is healthier.

Otherwise plenty of 3-7 $ a night beds sharing a room in hostels on agoda.com.  I do know someone living in a roach motel next to bar street near river for 55$ a month shared room. But you get what you pay for. Lol.
Good luck

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Royal.  Check out my response to acc or mark in the same thread.  You may like the places i mentioned.

Also, Joe is correct involving agents. They are generally not like westetn agents with huge commissions. But you need to let them know up front your budget, as they actually do have a glut of overpriced places empty now.  If you keep saying too much, they will go to the price range you want. It does help to have a khmer speaker with you and that is what the agent is. Some places wont talk to you unless you have an agent, as it protects them also.   Dont be surprised if you like the first place you see, and definitely tell the agent your complete wish list. Remember it is WISH list and one or two things wont be there normally. Tell them you are not flexible with budget but wish list is.  But if you are low budget and put gym and pool on the list dont expect them to respond.  Remember, you can swim free at a lot of hotels and most gyms are a dollar or two or so a visit.

Also, if you are thinking of teaching english for a little extra cash, let me know. Easy way to get your long term visa if you like doing it.

Good luck in your search.  Cambodia can be a great place to settle now, better than bangkok now.

Also beware that land borders are now closedfor visa runners going into thailand unless you have multiple entry visa the last visa you had in cambodia. Thailand got very strict this year at all land borders. Latest numbers are about 10,000 westerners denied entry at land border this year and told to go to cambodian airport and fly to thailand.

Shane pasco.

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