24 yr old female looking for flatmate in PP

looking to share a 2 bedroom apartment with someone in PP. not fussed on the area as long as it is safe and not in any notorious flood or criminal or seedy suburb. I definitely want wifi and a balcony.... and a pool would be great (but not necessary).

I'm easy going and keep to myself except when dancing around to my diverse range of music when cleaning....

I'm a great cook too! :)

my budget is 100-200 per person...

if you are interested please contact me.

we can start with 1 or 2 months and if we get along we can then extend the contract.

thanks, Nat x

Hi LadySov,

Posting an advert in the Housing in Phnom Penh section may be helpful.

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ok,please contact when you arrive pp thank


My name is Helen. I just read your post and am checking in to see if you are still looking for a roommate!

Just arrived in Phnom Penh and looking to find a place/meet new people.

Thanks so much,


Hi, my name is Vito, I live in Serbia.
I have a desire to live and find a job in Cambodia.
right now I'm looking at the forum what is the procedure in obtaining work visas.
if I can get a visa, and you fail to get a roommate, within the short period of a few months, we can agree to share the cost of accommodation
Greetings from Serbia

In Cambodia there is nothing such as "work visa". You have a Business visa.... officially you need to give a proof of employment to get this visa...
but in the facts they are not asking you anything. ... you can get it at your arrival at the airport for 25$ for a month.

thanks for the clarification
I read the posts, in relation to the needs of the labor market, in
what are the jobs most in demand, in terms of grain nationals seeking employment in Phnom Penh

Hi scorpio978,

I would advice you to start a new topic on Phnom Penh forum in order to collect more informations about your job demand in Phnom Penh .

thank you



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when are you looking to move?

hey this is hemang...i just rented an apartment fully furnished with my friends at the russian market nice location safe good locality.. its $500/month we are 3 people sharing it like $166 each lol.. but upstairs there are 2-3 more available.. if u wanna check it out..

Hi expertpp,

Post your advert in the Shared accommodation in phnom penh, this might can help. Thank you! :)

Thank you,


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