Looking to Build a small home in Muangsamsib, Ubon Ratchathani

I plan to build in Muangsamsib, Ubon Ratchathani and buy a condo in Chiang Mai. I'm hoping to hear suggestions or recommendations from wiser minds.

Don't build anything ? This is the wiser recommendation that you could get !

Why not build ?

I agree Don't build

Make sure you get a highly recommended builder. I am having a home built by my  wife's Thai brother in law.

What is the rough estimate of cost per square metre ?
Could I build a house for 2 million baht
- a 2-3 bedroom place ?

Any reason? why shouldn't I build?

To build a house in Thailand , too complicate for foreigners will pay more than Thai.

My wife has built a 1 bedroom house for her sister for $2000, has everything she needs

my wife is thai and we would build on her families / her land.

I am thinking of buying a condo in Chiang Mai. maybe I'll buy a condo before building . I think I can buy a condo as a foreigner easy enough right?

You can buy condo anywhere in Thailand. The property : land and house you also can buy on company name.

Rent is cheap in Thailand, or rent a fixer upper if you don't find what you want exactly.

Did you not come to Thailand to relax?
So live, have fun, enjoy this beautiful country ...
Of course you will pay (a bit) more than the locals, but it is not even sure, if your wife speaks nicely to the people with whom you have to deal.
Of course you can build a small house for us $ 2000.-, but you will have for the quality you have chosen!
Do you want a house without a solid foundation,
without a roof that flies away at the next storm,
without metal sheet,
do you like light plastic doors that will break in the next six months
do you want to be sure of the electrical installation?
etc., etc...
If you are afraid of everything you do in Thailand, you will never have fun in this country, and you will never share the "mai pen rai spirit".
Isaan people are very endearing people, and have their heads on their shoulders ...
Talk with them, meet them and you can get a clear idea of ​​their quality, and if you can trust them to build your home.
Go look at what they have already built ...
Talk about your project in a very concrete way, and set a budget!
Take your time, do not hurry, and do not be obsessed with your money.
Everything will be fine.
Only small problem in this beautiful song ...
Take into consideration in your decision, that having a property owned by your partner can cause significant changes in your relationships.
It is not necessarily she who will be responsible for this change, but perhaps her family ... and remember that for your wife, her family comes first!
So building a house in Thailand, if you have some common sense, will not be more complicated or risky than where you currently live, it should even bring you a lot of fun and laughter with the people who will work with you .. .
On the other hand, to ensure long-term harmonious relations with your wife who owns the house in which you are going to live, is a very delicate question and which, in my opinion, is the only really difficult point to settle according to the dependence that you want to preserve for you in the future.

And in any case.... Chok Dee

Well, I guess I thought I could build a place for less than 500,000 bht that would serve the purpose (basic but cute) and on her family land built by family and family friends. I planned to buy a condo in Chiang Mai that would be my main stay, but sleeping on her mothers floor mattress in a room cleared out for us while we visit her family is very uncomfortable and I liked the idea of having another place. the 500,000 bht wasn't so much I would care about loosing if things went south and if a split in out relationship occurred it could be argued that I would keep the condo and she the house...

Planning two projects at the same time seems to be a bit too much, considering the stress you'll have. Why not taking the time and doing one project after the other?

   Living near Ubon is quite nice and you should get in touch with foreigners/ expats who've built houses before and used local builders. Never just start building a house without having planned everything, including details.

   You've got to make sure that certain materials will be used, no "Lao Khao" for the workers, perhaps a barbeque party once the project is done.

   It's always better if somebody's around to ensure that the work's actually being done. Consider the weather and think about the rainy season. Some places are always flooded in the rainy season, so you might need some soil.

    You can save a lot of money if you can do certain things by yourself. Best of luck!

HamThai wrote:

What is the rough estimate of cost per square metre ?
Could I build a house for 2 million baht
- a 2-3 bedroom place ?

Yes you can. You will get a European style 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a Kitchen and good sized living room plus a car port for that sort of money using top quality materials.

Thank you for that information
I m heading in the direction of a container house and have a quote for 1.8 million baht

How many containers are they using?

Got to love the don't build people. The average price of a new condo in central Bangkok is around 200,000 baht per sqm. So you get 60sqm for 12 million baht.

Buy a Rai of land in a nice village where dozens of farang have before you for 1.5million or maybe your wife's family already have land? So for your 10.5 million you can build a 500sqm 5 bedroom mansion or buy a studio in Bangkok outskirts and spend 7 million on a great house.

To build for 500,000 baht as long as you don't expect too much you can do so, if using cheap materials like thai blocks or bricks roof sheeting and cheap tiles etc. 8.5*7.5 with and extended floor and roof 12.5m * 7.5m forming a covered patio at the rear with an outside kitchen leaves enough room for a bedroom toilet and large living room inside which your wife will want.....if designed properly on a 4mt grid it shouldn't fall down and as the man says a lot better than sleeping on the floor.

You can buy a condo only if there are 51% Thai owners so be careful if buying off plan. I have known foreigners who buys nearer completion not to get title immediately as a foreign company might buy numbers of condo's in the buiding. They did get title a few months later when the foreign company resold the units. Fist question you should ask is what is the current quota of Thais to Farang. If you are buying second hand from a farang then obviously there is no problem.

As for family land if it concerns you check out the chanote. If it is Sor Por Gor then that land can't be sold or used for security. It is farm land given to farmers for free and CURRENTLY can only be passed on to member of the family.

Hi all

What is the price of building a 3 bedroom house in Ubon Ratchathani?  with descent material...   overall price .   What is the price of notary to get the house under a foreigner name?  and what other government implications like taxed etc are there?

It's not that simple.

Normally you cannot buy and own the land as a foreigner and you should then rent it for limited time or buy and register on a Thai person. This means you will build the walls on others property with the consequences that the house will not belong to you when and if the rent period will end.

You can own instead a unit in a so called condominium and registrations on your name in that case are not done by notary like in western countries but directly at the Land Office by a transfer procedures that will be completed by the construction company on your behalf.

The yearly property tax is very low, consider as reference about 10 baht per sq meter of the unit to pay to land office once a year, plus a common area fee for the general expenses and mantainance that depends on the type of condo that you pay to the Juristic office/Reception and can be from 30-40-50 baht per sq meter on monthly base.

@Maxi Mari

I thought about purchasing off-plan or having a house built

I have many of the sane concerns as you. Especially, with

buying off plan. What leverage do you have to ensure they

use the best building materials and complete in a timely manner.

I have heard of builders skimming money and buying lesser quality

materials to build your home with


My Thai Father In Law supervises all work done in or around any family property. Best advice is to find a Thai national you trust unconditionally to handle it . . . hire the contractor, purchase materials, etc. They have the maps and know the ropes.


i just had 4 tiny houses built on the beach.. I leased the land. These are mobile and can be moved easily. I own the houses and leased the land. Each house accommodates 2 people. Can build 3 around large common verandah. Very reasonably priced. You can design outlay yourself. Just an option you may want to consoider.. or not