to expats in Punta Cana area

My wife and I are retired from Washington, USA.  We are permanent residents of Mexico and have lived in the Puerto vallarta area for 8 years.  We are going to shuffle over to Punta Cana this coming winter (2019) for about 6 months.  We would like to meet with others in the area.  We have found the expats in Mexico to be very warm, helpful, knowledgeable and many are now our good friends...(many Canadians too).  My question: is there an expat group which meets or gathers somewhere in the Punta Cana area?  We would love to hear from anyone about this.  Thanks.  Jack & Dianne

I will be there Jan 2019.  I plan on hosting a meet up.  I will keep you posted.

There are quite a few in the Punta Cana area.  It wont take long for you to make friends. It will depend what part of Punta Cana, its really quite spread out!

And welcome to the forums!!!!

I could use some CURRENT advice re: how long I can stay on a tourist visa?  I read a 30 day period, then I saw something about a 60 day stay.  I also read I can apply for an extended stay with extra cost.  I would like to stay for a 180 day period as a tourist (snowbird status basically).  I will not buy property, as I will rent.  So what is correct?  Can I process an extended stay at the airport upon my arrival?  The info. on certain sites are confusing, and sometimes the dates of the information are not listed, which means it could be inaccurate.  If you have knowledge of this, please let me know, or direct me to somewhere which has the current visa information.   Thanks.

Don't fret. Do as hundreds, maybe even as thousands do.  Stay & enjoy the island & then pay the overstay fee. Costs are posted on many threads. There are no 180 day visas.  Perhaps in the unknown future, but ain't none now.

There is the law and what is done!

Your tourist visa is 30 days and can be extended to 60 days.  There is no snowbird status here.

What happens for most, you arrive and stay your time. When you leave you pay an overstay fine.  These are posted online and at the airport.

At this point it is still common and accepted to overstay this way.

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