Cost of Living in Seychelles

Hello all.  My husband was headhunted for a position in the Seychelles. 
I am trying to calculate the cost of living in Seychelles, but only get information on food prices, clothing prices, etc.
Can someone please advise me how much we need to survive on a monthly basis. 
We have 3 children (twins aged 5 and son aged 12).
What would his monthly income need to be to support our family?
Housing and Medical Insurance will be provided to us.
Thank you kindly.

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This forum is not so active, perhaps you could find some answers here : … Seychelles

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Hi Skapie456!

Sorry I haven’t visited the forum in years, I only just remembered I had an account here when I received an email notification of somebody liking one of my older posts!

The cost of living in Seychelles depends on your lifestyle. If you are an expat, is the company paying for your accommodation, kids schooling, car, etc.? If they are covering all these expenses then you won’t have to worry about a lot of things. However, if you have to pocket all of these expenses then that would be a whole other thing.

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