Cost of living in Seychelles

Hi friends,

I have an offer to work for a Private Company in Seychelles.

The office is located in Victoria and I would be posted there. I wish that my family (my wife and two sons) too joins me. My question much does it cost to live in the Seychelles?

>> How much would a decent semi furnished accommodation cost?

>> How good is the public transport system? How costly it is?

>> How much would it cost for grocery and other basic food needs like milk for a month? (Vegetarian food)

>> How much would it cost for medical insurance?

>> My elder son is in Grade-VI and younger one in Grade-I. How much would it cost for the education for a year?

>> How much would it cost for utility bill (electricity, water & gas)?

>> What is the cost of Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone etc?

>> How much would it cost to maintain a small car?

Please guide me and let me know the details. I would be obliged if you have some more information other than this which would help me. I need the information as urgent as yesterday since I need to decide by 30th of June.

Thanks in advance for your kindness!!

Hello Peristroyka.

Welcome to! :)


Thanks Aurelie! I hope I get some answers soon for my queries!

Hello Peristroyka,

Welcome to the Seychelles! It is nice and relaxing to work and live here and people are very friendly.

The costs of living if you want to find most of the things you would find in Europe is the same as Europe.

Accommodation is not easy to find and the prices for a 3 bedroom good standing house are around $1000. You can find cheaper prices for more basic accommodation.

The public transport system is virtually useless and depends where you live. You can wait long for the bus since they break down easily but it only cost 5 SCR for the trip. I would suggest you get your own transport from your company. If you want to buy a car, you will need to look at around 200 000 SCR for a second hand car. Mopeds are becoming popular around here and cost about 60 000 SCR. The maintenance costs for cars depends on the type of car (if you import your car, it needs to be less than 1 year old). Clutches and brakes need regular checking because many roads are hilly and the traffic is really heavy nowadays.

For medical insurance, you need to get your own international medical insurance. The best is to enquire through your consulate/embassy. They might be able to help.

You will find vegetarian food expensive here as veggies are quite costly. For example, 3 tomatoes are 35 SCR, a bunch of coriander is 15 SCR and mangoes are more expensive than in Europe! However standard local veggies such as lettuces, breadfruit etc. are reasonable. Milk can be found in Tetrapak for 22-26 SCR.

I cannot help you with the cost of education but if you put your children at the International school or the French school, you will spend quite a budget. Again you may find this information through your embassy or by contacting the schools directly.

Electricity & water is not too expensive. It depends on how big the size of your accommodation. We pay about 350 SCR a month for a 1 bed apartment with fans, fridge etc. (not air conditioning). Gas is in bottle and you have to pay a rental charge to get your first bottle. The price for a bottle is about 150 SCR.

Now the Internet is the issue here. They don't have unlimited packages except for the slow connections ones. The basic package gives you 5 GB a month and costs 495 SCR, then 9 Gb a month is 825 SCR. The next package is 20 Gb at 1625 SCR (all prices are ex-VAT). If you are an intensive user and download big files, you go above your limit quite easily. Each extra Gb is charged at 300 SCR. Between 23h00 and 6h00 it's free and this is where people download so the speed is slow...

You can get a satellite TV package from Intelvision but I don't know the costs.

Sorry I just joined so not sure the info will reach you on time but I hope it helps you.

Enjoy the Seychelles!

Thanks a lot Isabelle!

You have given me quite a lot of useful information.


Anoop Warrier (a) Peristroyka

Hi there!

I am vegetarian and we (my husband and I) get all our veggies and fruit from the market. I paid 15 rupees last week for a packet of 5 tomatoes. Prices may vary due to importing costs. Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, grapes, oranges, apples etc are imported. It really depends on where you shop. Small shops all over Mahe are expensive. There is a shop in town, SPC, that you might like to explore. Sometimes they are less expensive than the market. You can find the market more expensive. The imported vegetables on the market come from the same warehouse where all the grocers get their veggies.
The best day for the market is Saturday because then the local farmers bring there wares very early (5 o'clock) and by 10 most is sold out.

It is easy to grow your own veggies too. Plastic pots are not expensive...soil might be difficult to find but is not impossible.

I buy lentils and seeds and mung beans from different Indian shops. Good brown rice is scarce and there is a very well stocked health shop in town - but pricey. (Actually there are two but the new one is still finding its feet and stocks are low)

Our budget is around 700 dollars and that includes wines, cheese (and not eating out). Eggs are 3 to 3.50 rupees each. We eat very healthy and bake our own bread.

Milk you can find between 17 and 26 rupees.....again, you need to shop around and read your labels. Milk gets imported from Dubai, Germany, Belgium, Australia etc and there is a horrible product available here called recombined milk. (Usually the cheap ones) It is butter fat, milk powder and water that were will be shocked.

After researching all the internet options (there are three major suppliers) we settled with Intelvision. It is unlimited for 620 rupees (256kps) The faster option costs around 800 rupees (512kps)(unlimited) and if your accomodation does not have it already there will be installation fees. It is faster than the prepaid dongle (because reception is not always good). I can download music from YouTube (few minutes) but will not attempt a movie. If I open my email it delivers immediately. Uploading photos to Facebook is ok if the files are sized.Skype is ok.
I spend a lot of time on the internet and so far we have been very happy with Intelvision.

Going shopping is an adventure cause you never know if you are going to find everything you want in one place. It is part of the charm. The town center is not that big and it is an easy walk if you do it early. Parking is a challenge (another reason to shop early) but we have never not found a parking space.) Another challenge you will find is getting your favourite coffee/peanutbutter/marmite/jam/sweetcorn/etc in the shops only to find a week later that it is completely sold out and no-one knows when the new shipment will arrive. So we always buy extra.

We have been here for two and a half years and are very happy here. In the end you will find that different people have different opinions and attitudes and your reality might be different from theirs' once you have settled in.

Good luck with your decision.

Thanks a lot Expatinsez! Appreciate your patience and efforts to give me a detailed reply!

I am moving with my husband in seychelles, praslin island. Our total income is 2000 usd. Is it enought to survive and then also we can save money? Our furnished accomodation with gas electricity and utensils will be taken care by the company . Our two times meal will be provided by the company where we will work. Transport form home to office is taken care by company.Only the off days that is weekly once we have to cook at home. Since I am an indian and want to know few details will appreciate if I get a reply asap and then I will decide what things I will carry from here because we will again come next year.

1. What are the price for detergent powder to wash clothes and sanitary napkins? Do we get it easily?

2. How much it cost for cooking oil 1 litre,cheese slice,bread and ready to eat noodles.

3. If I stay in praslin how much it will cost to go to mahe by boat and how long it will take?

4. I have to go for a beauty parlour for a waxing and threading eyebrow once in a month. How much it will cost for a decent salon service? Please mention in usd.

5. Specific brands like loreal and maybelline do we get in seychelles ? What are the cost? What if I have to buy a kohl pencil or an eyeliner? Where should I buy and what are prices?

6. The most important I am using a blackberry handset and blackberry plan is activated where I get my emails,facebook ,bbm,watsapp its unlimited service for one month and I have to recharge it monthly basis. I want to get the same plan in my phone to activate all the service . What will be the data plan cost for blackberry?

If I also want to get a broadband connection at home to surf internet like 5gb for a month or unlimited with good speed how much it cost?

I will be really thankful if I get all these answers and please let me knw the price in us dollar or indian rupees. Thankz

I didnt gt any reply guys
Please help me with the answers

I don't think many expats from Seychelles live on Praslin hence the lack of communication. Also bear in mind that the Internet costs a fortune and people tend to keep their data usage tight.

The prices in Praslin are in the same ball park as Mahe. If you refer to the previous threads about cost of living, you will obtain plenty of information about costs.

As a general rule, the cost of living in the Seychelles for expats is similar to that of Europe (I don't know about India). 2000 USD is 5 times the salary of Seychellois. If you are accommodated, fed and the lot, you will probably be very well off.

All the best

Thnkz igelle .

My query was regarding the salon or beauty parlours if there anything in praslin

And also from praslin to mahe the boat services are too ecpensive almost 50 euro one way. Is there anything cheaper communication

If you are a resident in the Seychelles, the crossing from Praslin to Mahe is 240 SCR one way. They will ask to see your resident permit or ID card during the booking.

You will find beauty spas and parlours in most of the hotels in Praslin. The costs are in generally in Euros.

So being an expat is that 240 scr i have to pay to go to mahe

And is there a beauty salon which is less expensive sumthing individual not in a hotel

Hi, I am Susan and currently living in South Africa. My husband has accepted a job offer to Seychelles and we will relocate as a family. We have 2 teenage daughters (13 and 15 years). Our move will happen quite soon but I am having trouble contacting schools for information regarding tuition fees and admission requirements.

Hi Susan,

I don't know about local schools but there are 2 international schools in Seychelles:

International School Seychelles: (British curriculum)
French school Seychelles: (French curriculum)

Hope this helps


You will find that often hotel spas turn out cheaper than private beauty institutes... And their products are usually safer because of the higher turnover of clients.

I spoke to someone and got the rates for all services a full body wax cost 980 scr

Hi Igelle,
Thank you for the assistance I will contact them xxx

Hi, I assume you are here now. I have been here since August 2013 so I am still learning too.

Here are my thoughts.

Hair Salon:
I use Martin Houreaux salon. both Kelly and Martin have experience with white or Asian hair. 2484325186   I got a cut and colour and it $70USD. On the left the road to Beau Vallon across from Pink Salt.  There is free parking around back too. He also take appointments many places are first come first serve or who you know.

I go to Lifestyles for pedi/mani and it was $29USD for pedi. Next to Ministry of Foreign affairs on Mont Fleuri road.  Shop 105 Aarti Chambers, Mont Flueri
4321099/cel 2568668 Prices are as follows: Eyebrow threading $6-10USD
Bikini wax-$14USD

5. Specific brands like loreal and maybelline do we get in seychelles ? What are the cost? What if I have to buy a kohl pencil or an eyeliner? Where should I buy and what are prices?
I have no answers for these. I brought quite a few with me and when I went on holiday to Mauritius I bought what I wanted there. I have seen Loreal hair products and Martin sell very good hair product European and US. I think he has waxing as well and perhaps make up.

I am sure you have found out about CW and the crazy amount they charge!!

Good Luck!


Thanks for the explanation, i am shifting alomg with my wife and two kids. we are from india and vegetarian. I think we can get atta flour for roto. 1000 usd id sufficient for living.

plz advice.

Baishali, by now you are in the Seychelles. Did you manage to get a resident card?

I got an offer to work as a teacher in Seychelles.As the info given by the consultancy they say skl pays 1800-2000 US dollars.Is it true???.( wt is general package there at Seychelles for teachers who is having 7 years of exp in India).Is there any Indian teachers working in Seychelles?Can you please help me in this regard?

1.  Wt will be the cost for SINGLE person living in Seychelles.  .??( at an average)
2.  Do Indian teachers stay together( share the house/room) to save money?
3.   How is the social life there ?
4. How do Indians transfer money to India?( Banks names plz)
5. Does the teacher salary depends on experience in curriculum( international ) and the subject ?
6. Do Indians take tutions after school?
7. How many  days  skl function in a week?

plz give ur feedback ........... or ashokdondati[at]

Hi. I recently got an offer in Seychelles and had some questions before I decide:
If I decide to bring my family along, are there private academies where my kids can attend and get quality education since the international school seems a little overpriced compared to the offer?.
What is the average budget for a family of four two children my wife and i with the housing provided?
Thank you for your help.

bugo :

Hi. I recently got an offer in Seychelles and had some questions before I decide:
If I decide to bring my family along, are there private academies where my kids can attend and get quality education since the international school seems a little overpriced compared to the offer?.
What is the average budget for a family of four two children my wife and i with the housing provided?
Thank you for your help.

If you read through the posts listed in the forum categories list you will find information there that may be of assistance to you.

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