Cost of Living at Seychelles -victoria in 2014..except accomodation

Hi all

Kindly provide me the cost of living at SEYCHELLES - victoria ,,,,for Indian expats...........

1. food cost per month

2. electricity per month

3.gas cost per month

4.Internet cost per month.

5.local transportation.

6.medical transportation

  and what is the amount in SCR required for 1 Indian expat totallly per month,,,,,,,,,

Best you do a Google search for websites that will give you the information. You could try

Numbeo was very misleading

We have been living here for 8 months and here is our experience.  It is far more expensive that we expected. We looked at many websites and thought it would be far cheaper.  I have listed this in Seychelles rupees.

1. food cost per month- I am not sure exactly what you eat but here is a sample of foods that I have recently purchased at STC-the main supermarket, UHT milk 1L 25-30scr, fresh  milk 1L about 60scr, roasted chicken 60scr, 10 eggs 42.45scr,  carrots 19.95scr per Kg, green beans 60scr per kg,potatoes 10.55scr per kg, red grapes, 91.3scr per Kg,chicken breast 105.8scr per Kg,sweet chili sauce 17.5scr, soft drink can about 12scr per 355ml can, curry powder-1 small bag 6.45scr

2. electricity per month-we have a 3 bedroom house and family of 4, large fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer, about 2200scr for both water and electricity

3.gas cost per month-petrol?  about 3200scr we have a small car- we don't have gas in our house

4.Internet cost per month.-we have the second best package and it is 375000 per month. This is high speed, and 55G per month for down loads.

5.local transportation-taxi is about 300scr for about 15-20min not sure of the buses

6.medical transportation-not sure what you mean-treatment or ambulance?  Treatment -see a doctor is about 400-600scr usually includes any medicine required (this was at euro-medical)

I hope this helps.  If you have more questions I am happy to try  to help.  I can find out bus prices if you still need the info. Good Luck.


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