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hello everyone i will arrive in seychelles on 3 sept and i will be staying in beau vallon for 3 months just wondering what the prices are like for food  compared to mauritius ??

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I think it depends on your monthly consumption.
Maybe you could be a bit more specific on that so that members of the forum can help you ;)


If it's a normal take away cost average Rp30,it's better to buy food and cook yourself at home,it will be much cheaper that way.


ok i will do that for sure is there cheap places to shop for food

There's plenty of place you can shop for food in town and it's very convenient.The shop usually close at 5p.m/6p.m. Averagely I spent 300-400Rupees per week for groceries.

Hi, me n my family with our infant are planning to move to seychelles as i have got a job in one of the hotel in mahe. Can anyone please tell me the daily expense for a family of two with infant. Any approximate figures or if you have any idea about indian food items especially. How about monthly internet and television cost.

Hi Monty,

Daily expenses could be vary according to people,for my personal consumption I spend 400Rupees for a week only for food. You can buy all the Indian spices in Seychelles,there's alot of choices too.If you're checking on internet,you can try to google Intelvision(unlimited with 512kbps) cost 1207Rupees each month,but it's very slow. If you go for Cable and Wireless it could be 3700+Rupees(13GB allowance,more than 13GB each MB cost 0.30Rupees) or  7500+Rupees(28GB allowance,more than 13GB each MB cost 0.30Rupees) this is the fastest speed you can get 2MB,they have cheaper package but I always think it's not enough for me.
Hope this information helps.


hi everyone, well i m young female from india got a offer to work in seychelles as a warehouse manager.
Well my accommodation and car will be provided by the company and a salary of 2,500USD (32,500 SRS) is this a good salary in Seychelles

hi, what wud be cost of living for a single female in Seychelles

how expensive Seychelles  compared to the prices in Dubai?
because I could not find clear information..

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