Living in NL & Working in DE


I'm a resident in NL as a spouse of a Dutch citizen and my pass states that TWV is not required for my status and I could work freely, but I got lucky with a company based in Germany, my question is "Does it allow me to work in Germany knowning that I will still be living in NL?"


Mmm - tbh, I don't know the answer to this one; it's a cross-border worker question, plus it could be a German work-permit question.  I know from living in a border town myself that thousands of Dutch and German citizens cross the border to work every day and to deny you the same simply because you come from Eritrea seems to be against the EU principals of free movement.  I know for certain that if it was the other way around, you could work in Holland, so it must be the same for you, so I'd say yes, you can do it, but I can't give you a reference.  You may get a better and more accurate response if you asked in our German Forum.

Not sure if I've helped much, but I wish you the best of luck.

Expat Team

Thanks for the reply, I totally agree with you, its kind blurr for now but I will share every information I get my hand on.

Meantime, I will re-post this on the German Forum might get lucky here or there.

The company representative for some reason advised me to contact UWV which I should do by tomorrow, at the same time I contacted IND on Twitter since they issued my pass.


A small check online said it's not allowed for longer than 6 months.
But I am almost sure there's more info out there but on this moment I have not the time to sort it out.
Your question is very interesting and I am looking forward to have more information from  you when you talked with several agencies.

You have a MVV right?

Yes, I did get here with MVV..

Thank you for your reply and I hope I can get something positivr from the agencies.

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