any advice on renting a long term apartment ?

Hi all,

We will be arriving in Tbilisi towards the end of November for a 9 month stay.

Does anyone have any advice on renting a long term apartment? Is it better to air bnb and then view? Recommendation on English speaking estate agents in Tbilisi and Batumi?

Hi and welcome to our beautiful country.
airbnb will cost you a lot for 9 months rent. it's better to contact local brokers.


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I can advise someone
Also, I can find a house for rent for long time, it depends on:
Are you a family? How many persons?
Flat or house? Sometimes, a house with garden is as cost as apartment
How many bedrooms?
What is your budget?


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Just stay away from GPM, they are running a scam.

Hi Devid,
I have a nice apartment in a very good location on a main street in a Sabyrtalo. It has everything, furniture and appliances, heating and AC. I started to rent through booking and Airbnb from April this year. But I plan to rent for long term started from October month. You can check from my ads. Better if you find direct owner of the place, than to go to realtor, they usually take one months lease from owner if you rent place for 1 year.

Thank you for you message Khatuna, I agree it is better to deal directly with the owner but they don't always speak English and the agents have more listings so they are able to find more foreigners who need places to live. I'm sure some agents are good and honest but I think it would be wise for everyone to have a local attorney review the contract and make sure you know what your recourse is if the broker does not do what they said they GPM, who are dishonest.

Yes, I also agree with good brokers, better to have a contract where clearly stated your rights and owners rights. I had couple years ago such contracts forms with foreigners and everything go fine, there were some damage in apartment and they paid for damage, before they left. In USA it is little different when you pay 2 month rent usually it is deposit for damage and owner has to return these 1 month rent when you left place without damage. In Georgia nobody mentions that this one month is deposit for damage they say that this is last month rent and you don't have to pay in last month. And renter thinks that he can stay last month without pay because he already paied 2 months rent when he rented the place. In this case owner has the right to ask to fix the damage or to pay for it.
I hope I'm clear and you understand what I mean.

100% clear, thank you.

Hello, there is no system or law to regulate the Realestate renting. I have an apartment that was let for someone. I experienced difficulties and lost money. The best is you rent it directly from the landlord, agree on the terms and conditions and get it ratified by a notary office.

I will be in Tbilisi in August 9,. If you like, I can show you some of the good areas and apartments from Tenants

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