Retiring in Georgia

Hello All,

my husband and i are planing on moving to Georgia to retire , we are also planing on buying our first home here, any advice on how to find a home and the best places to live ? we are also wondering how dog friendly is Georgia ?

Looking forward to hear about the same subject

no one seems interested to help ;/

Try and get a handle on the language;make a good impression."Georgian is a complex language,but not really complicated."

Hello Angel, there are not many people here to answer you, only people who want to emigrate thats why you people dont get answers, I will try to answer

What you mean if Georgia is dog friendly, people there have dogs and if you ask me personally i dont like pets( at home but love them outside), this kind of people are everywhere

as for the house what you mean ''best place'', first tell what is 'best'' place for you, do you mean the center, city, suburbs,  village,, etc, what
and of course it depends what amount do you have for that
When you answer the questions i will try to answer you


Hi Anna,

We are also interested to retire in Georgia,

We have two kids in grade 10 and grade 6 so we would like to settle down in a place near to school and college.

We don't speak Georgian and the kids have never studied the language is it possible to find to schools without Georgian language.

Please guide us with areas and places which will have cleaner flats / houses.



The best place to live would be capital, tbilisi if you prefer to live in a city where basic needs are present.

Dogs are all around us in here and even tho they are homeless, they are always lovely and friendly


There are few schools here which sometimes teach in English language, but Georgian language is still mandatory in there so kids will still be required to learn it if they want to finish school here

Hi Angeldust3373 and friends,

I did not know that it was possible to obtain a residency visa to retire in Georgia. 

Are you thinking to just enter on a 365 day visa,  and then try to renew it each year?

Or buy a property worth more than USD35k and obtain a residency that route?

Any information about retirement visa for Georgia (or how to do it if there is no specific retirement visa) will be appreciated! 

We are seriously thinking about retirement in Georgia, but thought we would have to enter under an entrepreneur or investor visa initially as we will not rush into buying property without first experiencing different parts of Georgia. 

Thank you.

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