Maintenance fees for apartments


I'm interested in relocating to Batumi and would like to buy an apartment. I'm having a difficult time getting information about typical monthly maintenance fees from real estate agents who seem to ignore my question, and none of the construction companies mention the subject.

What are typical fees? If the building has a concierge, security, cleaning of public areas and elevators, don't residents have to pay for these things? Who pays if an elevator breaks down, for example?

More long term, how is maintenance of the building managed? What happens when the roof leaks or needs changing, the façade needs renovating, etc.?

Thank you.

I'll try to explain in the simple terms - you pay for everything. If the elevator breaks, the building residents pay for it and there is no security unless you live in some high-class apartment. You pay for the roof/facade/etc

You wont get any information because most of the things in here are done on the place, which means youll have to travel in Batumi and see everything for yourself if you want 100% information without any lies. Hope I answered what you asked

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