Which neighborhood to choose to rent in Tbilisi?

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to move to Georgia by the end of the year for a 10 month stay. I’m wondering which neighborhood to choose for renting an apartment in Tbilisi.
I’ve been thinking moving in Saburtalo which is obviously more affordable than Vake, Mtatsminda or Vera, quite calm, with newer buildings.
Abanotubani seems charming but maybe too touristy with high-priced accomodations. Avlabani is probably cheaper than Abanotubani but too old? Is Marjanishvili quiet, affordable, not too touristy?

Please correct if I’m wrong. Your experience will be of a great help.

More generally, is it difficult to find an apartment to rent in Tbilisi, especially for non-Georgian speakers -yet;)?

Thanks for your answers

Hello, I used Shalva at Georgian Property Management <gpmbroker[at]gmail.com> and was happy with the results. He speaks English and will work with the parameters you set. He had the paperwork ready(of course) and helped me get everything set up within a few hours of moving in; internet, utilities. I set a low budget but if you pay a little more there is a very large selection of apartments available and more coming all the time. Mine is in Vake, love the apartment and the area is quite nice but it's far from main transportation.

Thanks David for sharing your experience.

How long have you been living in Tbilisi? I thought Vake was the upscale district. I understand it's possible to find affordable apartments there, though. Is your apartment rather recent?

I've been here a whopping 3 weeks, seems longer. I would say Vake is more upscale = very nice to walk through but there are tons of apartments here of all sorts. Mine is about 2 years old I think, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, with air, big screen, really nice kitchen, furnished of course for $275.00 per month(they wanted more).

Thanks for the precise information. I’m surprised by the affordable rent in Vake. So the main downside of Vake seems to be the lack of transportation. What’s your experience with the metro by the way? Is it efficient, not too overcrowded?
I read that many expats live in Vake. I guess the Georgian neighbors are welcoming, as Georgians are known for their hospitality.

Hospitality? Could have fooled me. I don't see many expats around where I live but Vake is big. Others probably have cars or know how to use the mini-buses, I haven't figured those out yet.  I'm thinking of getting a scooter although the Georgian drivers do concern me. The metro is very crowded, very noisy, and frequent. Keep in mind they wanted a higher rent than I'm paying so don't assume you can get the same rate, timing is important I think. I'm going to be setting up a company this week for my Aussie boss and then working on his travel related business. Georgia is very friendly to setting up a company here.

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