Property prices in Tbilisi

Hello everyone,

Finding affordable housing in Tbilisi is number one priority for newcomers. Tell us more about the estate market in your district/city/region.

What are the most desired places to live? What are the most affordable ones? What is the average cost of a rented flat? And what is the average sale price for an appartment or a house? Could you tell us more about local real estate policies/procedures? What about property tax or residency tax in Tbilisi?

What about you? Where do you live now? Is it a place you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for your clarifications.


Do you know about property E auction, suitable for expats

Hi Priscilla,

I can answer a few of those questions. Having lived in Tbilisi for 2 years, I have garnered some information regarding this topic.

Average rent for a decent apartment is $400. If it's a new building it might be higher, if it's older it might be cheaper. anything less than $350 might not have all the luxuries like oven and a/c. Looking around is a must and having a local to help severely affects the payment amount.

Regarding tax, i do not know that, since i paid my landlord and that's it.

Bills are paid monthly; system is amazing. There are pay boxes in the street. You just input your code and pay the amount stated. If that is bothersome, you can do everything through internet banking and via sms.

A good website for searching is  many deals and many places available.

Vake -  This is the posh area of town, and the prices reflect it. Most high end shops are found here and many places to rent. Unfortunately, the quality of the buildings leaves much to be desired.

Sololaki - is the city centre. Many old buildings here. Some expat might avoid living here due to the state of the buildings. Small rooms, average rent but close to anything and everything really.

Isani, Avlabari, Ortachala, Vera - Practically surrounding the old district and  easy to travel. Can find many places here depending on what you are looking for and what standards you have.

Verkatili, Digomi - the cheapest place and furthest from city centre. Again, building quality a factor of your decision.

Whilst Georgia has the lari as an everyday currency, every expensive purchase is done in US dollar. So paying rent, buying an apartment, buying a car, it's all done in dollars. and prices are pretty steep compared to the standard of living here.

Rental market is mainly targeted to expats since locals cannot afford the price demanded.

I have rented my apartment for two years, but I was never given a contract. Contracts are not really a thing here. I paid $550 a month in Isani, but the apartment was in a new building and amazing quality compared to what is the norm on the market.

Thanks for information (Amifsud)

Hi.... Dear,        Can you tell me can I import  goods for sale and sell them online and in shop with no business registration in Tbilisi or Batumi...Thank you for information..

You can start business but you will not get TRC, They are very skeptical about us.

Hi Syed Farhan, How are you.  Can you tell me please what is TRC?  In which field are you working in Georgia? Thanks..I have US citizenship and I do not need any other citizenship..


Then you can start business in travel and tourism, people are very nice and cooperative, Go to city town hall ( usthsia ) with in one hour you will owner of company in 2500$. but language barrier is there.I have a travel  company you can join if you like.

Hi, Farhan,  You did not told me what is TRC...? I know how to register a company...How is your travelling business . If I join you how much cost...and how much return...By the way where are you from...I am from present in USA...Chicago...

Hafeez Bhai , my  Email  ***

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OK Boss

R u an agent for property

No I am not

Hi all  I am new here in tibilisi  n looking for accomadation for 2 adult n one kid who is 8years old

Check out the housing section at the top of this page.

Thanku  I will go ahead

hello priscella
i’m sadra from georgia , tbilisi
i hope my info will be enough
good places in tbilisi are: vake , saburtalo , amd rustaveli .
the rent price for this areas ar aproximetly about from 500$ to 800$
it depands on wich kind of flat you decided to rent
this price is for 70-100 square meter flat
almost new building or newly renovated
for buying
it depands on wich place
but the normal flats prices start from 700$-1200$ per square meter
becuase you are not originaly georgian
you can not get a loan from the banks

if you want to start ANY KIND OF BUSINESS in georgia
first you have to register a company
registering a company only need less than 200$
and its take only 2 working days

and after that you have to apply for your residence cards and etc...

shortly if i want to say, tax in here are 18%
for every thing
i hope my informaton is usefull for you
wish the best
good luck and enjoy georgia

hi seyyed
i can help you to find a suitable place
but the best way is to search in the web sitesuch as :
this are the best site to find a place
good luck

I would like to  join your business wats is the investment required

Hello, I have just opened a company last week with 450 Lari which includes even the fee of the agent..

Hello my friend ,
Actually  it dioends on you that in which field you want to start your business ,
Give more information please.

Hi, Dear Sadra....I can do flower growing, I can grow vegetable growing, I can do fruit growing....I can grow tomatoes, salad green leafs, green chillies, green coriander, fresh garlic so on...The weather of  of  Poti...Zugidi, Ozurgeti...and Saneki....The last two are good for my above field...If you need more info please tell me...

Thanks Sadra...  Would it be possible to apply for Residency based on Business? If yes can guide on the plz?

Tnx so much for the information

As far as walking around and enjoying the city with lots of places to eat, drink, entertainment, etc.  Vera/Rustaveli and Vake are the most expensive/nicest.  I bought a place next to Vera park and enjoying being able to walk to Rustaveli or opposite way to Vake.  I speak only English and contrary to what everyone says, there are very few Georgians that speak good English.  That seems to be my only problem living here.

yes u can apply for residency though business, im immigration lawyer

Hi Haide,

Could u pls help to advise us the name and the company of agent who help to set up a company


You can contact guy Called Ali, he can help you with all legal stuff. His number is ***.


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Thank you so much!

and my advice for all members that dont make any legal support with non local people, there many arabian agents and they are making many mistakes, and after everything come more complicated than it is.

best regards

Thanks for the prices of properties

Thank you so much for your information. Would love to live innTbilisi

please give me the details of the agent for opening a company

Great info , thanks.

Thnks so much

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