English speaking expats in Marrakech

Salaam alaykum

I am from the U.K, I have lived in Marrakech for 2 years now (my husband is from Morocco) - I love the people here however it would be lovely to meet some fellow expats (women only) from the U.K. or any English speaking countries, who live in Marrakech!


I am a woman expat from USA (New Jersey, very close to New York City), I would be happy to meet up with you if you are still in Marrakech. I do not have any woman friends and that would be lovely, inshallah. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello Jen
I come from Spain but I have lived in the Uk for 20 years. I've been in Marrakech for 6 months and I dont know anyone yet..... if you two are still available?? it would be nice to meet other women at Marrakech.
Thank you!

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