Moving to Bulgaria, vratsa

Hi everyone, looking for some information and knowledge on living near vratsa area in Bulgaria. How safe, what people like, relative cost of living etc? Looking to purchase and do up property in order to retire eventually there but also holiday there whilst doing up property. Any helpful tips or info would be gratefully received.  Thanks x

Hi, we're also interested in buying in the Vratsa area and also around Montana. We've decided to rent for six months whilst viewing properties and seeing how we like Bulgaria. I couldn't find anywhere to rent in those areas, so we're renting in Sofia and will be driving to view properties. We may also try out the trains and buses. So, as to renting in Vratsa - I've only ever found one advertised, and it didn't have WiFi, so no use to us. So we're having to cope with Sofia! We don't like cities! Luckily, we've managed to find a lovely little, cheap house right on the outskirts, with beautiful  views and access to the mountains. I'll post any information that we find about Vratsa and/or Montana.

Vratza is a vеry interesting town. Not too far from Sofia, close to the mountain. People are quite interesting too. Actually this is the first time hear someone wants to retire to this area.
There are nice little village, lots of forests and it is good for hunting. Almost no pollution in that area (some exceptions).
Renting a house there is a very good approach! I am surprised you didn't find a property there.
Travelling from Sofia on a daily basis seems not very comfortable, and on the other hand you cannot feel the atmosphere, if you do not stay at least a couple of nights there.
Avoid any areas with compact gypsy population. Find good Bulgarian neighbours, they will take care of your house while you're absent.
Basically that is all.

Hi Kristiann - again! I hadn't seen your message to me when I wrote to you about the public notary.

Thank you so much for your comments. It's really good to hear positive things about that part of the country, because no one speaks about it, much, in the blogs and forums I've seen online.

We're already in contact with two estate agents, one based in Vratsa and the other in Montana, I think. We've also seen quite a few properties that look possible in the Montana region.

We're not planning to go daily from Sofia to Vratsa/Montana. We're expecting to go to those areas by train or bus, a few times, and get driven around by the estate agent, looking at several properties on a given day. When (hopefully!) we find something we like, maybe we can find an airbnb to stay in whilst we get more of a feel for the neighbourhood. It's very difficult, because all the English speaking property sites online only have properties to rent in the big four - Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. I've only ever seen one in Vratsa, and it didn't have WiFi, which we really need, to do all this.

Thanks again for your advice and encouragement, best wishes, Caroline

Hi Caroline,

WiFi is actually not a real problem. It comes with your mobile phone almost everywhere in Bulgaria. The important thing is to like the property, and the region ..... and the price :))))

Also it is possible to find online properties listed in English, just look for the right real estate agency.

If necessary, I can connect you with the agency I bought from.



We stayed in Vratsa last October whilst we finalised the legal part of buying our house in Gradeshnitsa.  It's a hidden gem!  Hardly mentioned at all in the Bulgaria forums, but we found the scenery breathtakingly beautiful, a lovely clean shopping precinct, the city felt very safe, and the people were friendly and helpful :)  With the help of our English speaking Bulgarian property agent, who explained what we wanted, we opened a bank account there very quickly and efficiently, even though we only knew how to say 'hello' in Bulgarian, and the staff who helped us didn't speak a word of English.

We can't wait to visit Vratsa again when we return to Bulgaria in March!


Hi all expats in Vratsa,

Looking to sell our house with a big garden, needs total refurbishment but house going very cheap.

Maybe some expat has a friend or would like to buy for a investment.

House is in the town of Borovan, 3000 sqm of a flat garden.