Any Tips to find employment in Chiang mai

Hey Everyone,
                          I am moving to Thailand (Chiang mai) in January. I need help to find employment in chiang mai or any other region. I have been trying hard to find work online using numerous websites but it doesnt seem to be working. Any help or contacts will be highly appreciated.


Try to apply at CLBS Chiang Mai, I know they hire many foreigners but i've heard the working conditions are not the best.

Good luck

Thanks a lot mate. I tried many different websites before and nothing wrong in trying another one.
Thanks a lot for your help. much appreciated mate.

Hey guys I’m also looking for the best way to find employment in Thailand, in any region and just wondering what CLBS is?

Ben witcombe :

Hey guys I’m also looking for the best way to find employment in Thailand, in any region and just wondering what CLBS is?

I received a job offer from CLBS a few months ago. I went far 2 interviews but then I said to myself that it wouldnt be a good idea to work there. Here is a few infos :

Salary is about 25'000 THB per month, you work from around 1pm to midnight 5 times a week. They take care of your work permit. However, 25000 is clearly not enough to live in Chiang Mai. You have to pay your rent, the food, medical insurance and you need to enjoy life a bit as well too... So that is why i didnt take the job. Be carefull on the phone with them, they try to make it sound like a dream...

Hey there would you maybe like to teach in Thailand, let me know.

Your chances of any employment are slim. Your chances of any legitimate employment are even slimmer. There are a few caveats:

-Teaching English (to do so legitimately you need to 1. Be from a country where English is the native tongue, no matter how clear your accent is. And 2) Have a degree in relevant subject).

-If you have decent IT skills, check out the firm 'Big Wednesday'

-Modelling or acting work.

-Be prepared to work for CLBS for peanuts. I don't knock this option at all (except maybe the hours!) because it would suit a person with savings who just wants to extend their trip by earning/having a reason to remain in country and not get booted out.

-Get hired by an international company  or government body (ie Foreign Commonwealth Office who transfer you to Thailand). You obviously don't fall into this bracket.

What are your skills and qualifications?

Thailand is a very image conscious country. They tend to hire white foreigners with English as a native tongue, the younger the better. It makes little sense to alot of the outside world l, but TiT.

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