LCBS Job offer

Hi! I've just been offered to work for CLBS. Can you guys give me some advice? Is it a fair company?

LCBS or CLBS? What's that?

CLBS sorry

any info of this?

Thai embassy doesnt know anything about the company

Assuming you're trying to talk about this:

Sent you a message!

Are you ..or did you work there?

Hi Michael did you ending working for CLBS?

I received a job offer from CLBS a few months ago. I went far 2 interviews but then I said to myself that it wouldnt be a good idea to work there. Here is a few infos :

Salary is about 25'000 THB per month, you work from around 1pm to midnight 5 times a week. They take care of your work permit. However, 25000 is clearly not enough to live in Chiang Mai. You have to pay your rent, the food, medical insurance and you need to enjoy life a bit as well too... So that is why i didnt take the job. Be carefull on the phone with them, they try to make it sound like a dream...

Thanks so much for the reply Vittel!

It's great to have a bit of insider knowledge. What sort of job did you end up getting and what conditions if you don't mind me asking?

I am looking at moving to Chiang Mai in February from Australia.

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