Working for CLBS in Thailand.... How could that be?

Hello there, I'm brand new here and I was hoping you could help me finding out more information about this company, CLBS, where i'm supposed to start as a customer service representative for italian clients. I've received their first email this morning and we're going to arrange my job interview within the next few days, via telephone.
I honestly never heard from this company and I don't easily trust what the employees posted on their website. Scrolling all over many internet pages, I just found one comment, from another italian candidate, who left the country on february 2013 and got to Thailand, just to discover her diploma, sent together with the other documentation, wasn't right for the company and had to fly back as soon as she could.

Can anyone here help me find something else about it? I'll be grateful for any further information you guy could provide me.

Wish you all a good day, G. :)

Hi Giulia,

Not sure if I am pretty late to reply you on this. I have a fren working there and she is doi g pretty well. I had been to their office to apply too and it looks like a good enviornment to work at.

I guess if you can confirm about your eligiblity on phone interview it would be best to feel secured about it. Otherwise you can always look for a supplement teaching job until you find a suitable job for you.

Hope I helped. Goodluck

Hi, Hola,

Hay algo raro con esta empresa !!!  He encontrado blogs en aleman que así lo comentan.
Quizá contactar con cámara comercio a través de la embajada española para asegurar que no es una presunta estafa, ayude


De vacaciones fabuloso, para trabajar, dudoso


Hi guys,

As this is the anglophone forum could we keep it in English please?

Armand Team

Hello guys,
I'd like to apply for a job in CLBS. I am coming to Thailand early september. When should I apply? Should I wait til being there to apply? Are they in need of employees right now?

Any information would be welcomed.



Thank you " jaimenadal" for your reply ! I'll be contacting you on private message for further information, if you don't mind !


Here is Thomas,
living since 2006 in Chiang Mai, first news hear about CLBS in 2007 but didnt look further.
In 2013 3rd October i visited the office just by, as I have seen search Citrix Admin, and others what was my 80% old job.
Applied then in April, got a no as some more better qualified Applicants are there, and still now the same offer is open for that job.

So I want to know more about that company, main from alread gone workers, some reports, about payment, Working Visa, and subjects the cnative speaker have to do.

Whatever you might report to me, dont fear, just be true. clbs at wiegand dot info


edit, enlarge at 24.06.:
As I know you get a bussiness visa abroad, to enter thailand,
but need then a work-permit with a lot of paperwork (guess some 50 copies most bookkeeping and balance sheets from the company you wonna work, paper show that company still exists ...) AND a minimum of salary like a german 50.000 baht, to work legal here !
And further normally (I have own company and had all this problems) every expad needs 4 thai workers there, so that if 300 workers are there, it means 60 expads and 240 thais. But here is an free eypat employ if very much money, means 100'% expats possible.
My informations are from 2006 and 2007 as i spend a lot of time inside the immigration office, and my partner had to run a lot to get all the papers. Would have changed a little bit, but ... just some easy things about work here in thailand.

Hello jaimenadal
how was the interview with the CLBS?
Even I have to do an interview in a few days.
What would you have asked?
Please could you give me some detail also on salary, and other times you start to feel important?
Thanks in advance

Hello Jaime Nadal,

First of all thanks for the information. You dont know again how was the interview for you? You are still in the process of recruiting? I understand that you have to do more than one interview to end the recruitment process? What do you think they have some pre-defined tests for questions or proceeding based on your answers in a discretionary manner? As you can see my english is not very good .... we'll see ....

thank you very much again and good luck

Hello Jaime Nadal,

I'm going to interview next wednesday .... You have been of help to me .... now it's my turn
thank you very much

hi. so did anybody the second part?

someone had success with the second interview?
I've just sent the resume and now i'm waiting for the response. :)

@franciopan how was your interview? I'm italian too, could you write me your email to ask you some questions?

Best wishes to anyone

Hello ilealba,
The second interview is a role play, you are the customer care rep and CLBS is the client. You'll be sent a document 20 min before the interview that you'll have to read carefully, it's different calls you have to handle. After reading the document, CLBS calls you for the role play. It's a simulation that will show your abilities to deal with different types of customers.

Good luck


Thanks a lot benbahia,

your information is precious :)
i hope my resume is good.

So i suppose your are working there.

Best wishes

You're welcome Ilenia and good luck.
Actually I am not working there, but I was about to do so as I succeeded all the interviews, but I had problems getting the visa...


Does anybody passed the whole process??

I have just received the first email to get a telephone interview.

Has anybody worked there?

I thought it was quite a serious company for what some thais told me in Chiang mai.

However there is a lot of other companies which you should be carefull with call center jobs.

Hello everybody

Reading all your comments is such an help for me too. I have a telephone interview next friday. Did anyone get the job so far. If so, could you tell me how working for CLBS is ?

Thanks in advance,


Hey guys..
Had the telephone interview one week ago..
Working conditions mentioned via telephone are basically:

Working visa to make abroad (possibly your native country) or Non immigrant B to convert later.
Salary around 26.000 - 30.000 thb depending on your skills, working time and bonus.
8 hours per day, 5 days a week, 1 hour breack (or half, depending on your nationality) 40 hour per week on tourn.
indefinite contract (virtually eternal) with 3 months practice at the beginning and 3 months neede to be changed. They expect you to wrok with them for at least 12 months.
accomodation in a resort around there for the first two weeks (without charge) while you organize your life in the city and find out a plce to live in.

That's basically all I know. Looks like a good environment.. 26-30 hundreds thb are not that bad for thailand, you can live a normal life without being rich but with a fair economical condition.

The questions for me are:
- once out Thailand, what would be the value of the thb I eraned? I guess I will live a good life over there but I will get back at "point zero" soon or later.
- I am not sure about the job.. hangin at the telephone 8 hour per day is not exactly what my ambitions were supposed to take me.. so... I'm going on with the assessment, probably next week, but will keep an eye around me to find a better opportunity.

Hope this helps.


hi vestat,

are you still in the recruiting process or did you get the job already? how was your second date on the phone? what did they told about the hole application procedure, how long it takes?
yesterday I had my first phone interview for an cca (german) and how jaimenadal said the second part was filled with a lot of information about the contract terms. in the end I wrote about four pages with notes! now I'm excited for the second one...

thanks and regards,

Still in the process, I have the second interview next wednesday, i'll let you know.

any news?

Hi, does anyone finished the full process? How may interviews have you done? I made only the first interview and the Skype one, but some friends of mine told me that they made 2 interviews and an assessment, which is like a prove of the work you shall do.
Does anyone know what it means? Thanks

I went trhough the full process, they told me that my application was put on stand by because i gave them my personal availability from october-november 2015.
I made one single telefone interview and one assessment.
Good luck to everybody.

Thanks, I really don't know... They told me that numbers of female should be the same number of male in the office, so my application is in stand by too. I don't know what to think. Thanks in advance

I suggest you to wait for the assessment before taking your conclusions. as soon as I can imagine, the first telephone interview is not just a nice talk but still an interview. You may have failed that one if they told you nothing about the next step. Just guessing, not sure at all about your application! and of course, using your words leads you to Rome... so, ask them something and they will answer for sure. If there is one thing I am sure about, is that they are a good company and really polite and honest people.
just talk with them and ask whatever you need to know.
Hope this helps.



Ale, thanks, but I suppose there are some misconceptions. I had the first interview, I passed it, than I had the second interview via Skype. During this interview they told me that everything was ok, but they need to place some female to replace other male workers. So, my question is, why they didn't do the assessment? And, why they told me that now the male position are closed?

Sorry for misunderstanding, but I am still pretty sure you should pass the assessment before getting the job.  Can't help you about this female needs, it's completely new to me.
I can just wish you good luck with this opportunity, keep asking to make this point clear and when/if there will be an assessment for you!


Incurance is private for the first 3 month. VISA permit is the business one.

Hi Everyone.

I've my first interview on Saturday.

Anybody works there ? I saw the company is legit and they makes you the VISA Work Permit.

I applicated as Sales (Spanish)

Whether anyone has futher information about the company or somebody works there, please let us know.

By the way, the first interview like I saw is in English, ok, but the second Interview (Role Play) is in English or your language?


Hello there! Where are you now jaime?? Im from Madrid.

Hey "Vestad"!

Youve any news about the job? Are you starting in Oct/Nov?

CLBS is like any other call center in the world. It advertises live and work in the land of smiles, but that is the only thing it can offer. It is after all still a call center where a strong hierarchy prevails and you get to feel the authority, the Call Agent is a machine in a system and must function. Individual self-confidence is misplaced, I have made my own experience with this company. For conventional educated people who rarely open the mouth and always say yes and Amen it is the ideal place.

Hi! The Company is contacting me for an interview (Customer Care Agent  italian speaker)does anyone of you working there, in thailand? have you got some information for me, about work (is it a good job? and the salary)? do you have the chance to grow inside the company,? is it a good occasion (career growth)?
thank you so much

Hi, can I contact with anyone that are already working At clbs or had the assesment? Thanks a lot

Please I need help

Hello Giulia I'm in the same situation right now: what happened next with this company?
Have you start working there?
Thank you for your answer

Hi there!

Just to ask if someone have been working or work for CLBS  int Thailand

Life there
Job atmosphere
Job itself

Thank you

Hello, they called me as well as Customer Care Agent -italian, and I'd like to ask you more info about the company and your experience in general


So I am actually working in a customer service in Luxembourg for a factory.
My job is not at all on the phone all day long and I would not like it.

Do you know if this position in CLBS is 8h on the phone ?
Is it hard for them to find French ? Since I do not see French people on this forum.
I have experience in customer service but not a university degree, do you know if the degree is really important for them or interview can make the difference?
Does someone as been there for long?

Thank you in advance for the help,


Hello Geo, I had 2 interviews with them and I can absolutely confirm that the job is 8 hour answering the phone, actually it's a call center (only inbound, so you won't call clients)

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