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My name is Charles. I'm moving to Cebu in 2 weeks. Well I'm arriving in 2 weeks. I will discover if I'm going to make a permanent move. I look forward to reading fellow expats advise.
I'm a electrician and HVAC technician. My passion is for cooking in general and making gourmet chocolate truffles. I hope to start a micro business selling chocolate gift baskets.

Welcome to  Please tell us more about yourself.  Have you been to the Philippines previously?  Do you have any friends in Cebu?  Good luck with your start-up business.

I have a friend who is going to help find a place for me and show me around. This person works and I am looking forward to making new friends in Cebu. As for my start-up,, it's more like a hobby I hope to get paid for, lol
It is my first visit, I have read extensively about the Philippines. That is a great deal different than living there..

Excellent. Welcome Charles!! I love choc truffles. Let me know when you’ve got your business up and running and I’ll get some from you.

Awesome, I'm sure to send some samples out. I have been looking forward to introducing my chocolate creations to the public.

Hello Charles.
Welcome to the forum and to Cebu.
I am already in Cebu for 8 months. Have you got accommodation already picked out ?  What are your needs ?  Let me know if I can help .
regards  Bruce ( ex Oz )

Thank you for your kind offer. I have the first month of my stay arranged. I'm sure I will find a place that fits my needs. I have several properties I'm interested in, I just didn't want to rent over the internet, I really want to see the neighborhood and check out the access to markets and shopping. If there's a area you strongly suggest I check out or avoid, I would appreciate any advice.

G'day  Charles
I am in Mandaue, it has less hussle and bussel than Cebu City. I started in Amaia Steps, a new condo that they have only built the first stage. Rents there are overpriced to medium. Do NOT take the top floor. It is easy walk to 7-11,  Maayo Medical, 5 to 10 minutes walk to Pacific Mall which has just about everything. Most places want 6months or more for cheaper rent. If you are planning to stay long time (2 years+) it is much cheaper to rent unfurnished and buy your own furniture to keep. As you have not been to here before, be prepared for quite a culture shock.  Let me know when you get in and I can send you my phone number if you need some help.
regards   Bruce


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Hi Charles

Welcome to this site and welcome to Cebu.  I made a permanent move to Cebu city about 7 months ago (also lived here for over 2 years a few years ago). 

I hope the Philippines work out for you.  I am sure by now you have become adjusted. 

Good luck.  Happy to help if you need any.


Hello Bruce
From another Bruce.  I am also in Cebu, in Mandaue. I normally get to Ayala about once a week. Want to catch up for a drink ???
regards Bruce(G)

Hi Bruce

I really admire your name!!!

Yes, I would enjoy meeting up with people.  I had two buddies living here but one sold and moved and the other, very sadly, died.  I live in Nivel Hills Lahug.  Great to meet up with you.  I am free to meet pretty much any time.

Thanks for the reply


Hello Brucemj ( and others )
I go to Ayala most Friday afternoons and have a drink at THE SOCIAL (4th floor) while my wife goes to church if you would like to catch up. I will confirm on Friday morning. I also post this under the "catch up" thread.
regards  Bruce (G)

Hi Bruce

Thanks for the invitation.  I will know more Thursday as we have to see a doctor as my GF and I (and others) have been exposed to TB from her sister.  Probably have to go to the doctor's on Friday to get TB tests. 

Will get back to you tomorrow.  If not this Friday, then for sure next Friday (or another day) next week.


Hey Bruce,

Looks like this week won't work as have more medical obligations.  But right now next Friday looks good for me.  The SOCIAL looks really cool - looked online.  Didn't know it was there.  It wasn't when I lived here back in 2014.

Hope next week works for you. But if you have obligations we can make it another time.


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