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I have just moved to Johor Bahru and I am looking for some friends that I can go places with and hang out. I stay somewhere near KSL with my husband (Singaporean). It would be lovely to meet and know some expats living here in Johor. Drop me a message if you want to... thank you very much. 😊

Hi there. Welcome to Malaysia! I'm from Penang and working in JB. Please stay in touch. Cheers!

hey, I’m new to johor too. Don’t know the place well and don’t have any friends either. Would be great to meet new friends.

hi! ive just moved to Johor as well since last September, that'd be great to meet new friends here to hang out with.

Hi. Let's meet up. I ll be free anytime. My working time is flexible. Hit me up

Hi :) I'm a fillipina who just moved here in Johor too. I would love to know you more and be friends 😊 I get lonely as I don't have any friends here in the area.

I am Shalini and have moved here some time back. Would like to meet new people and spend some lovely time .

Hello kabayan! 😊 Hope you're doing well. I am a Filipina too and I'm also looking for some friends here in Johor.

Hello everyone,

[at] Meech, welcome

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Thanks in advance,

Oh, my apologies and thanks for letting me know, will translate it right away. 😊

We have a weekly gathering for Filipinos in Bukit Indah, Johor. Mostly on Sundays :)

We have activities such as Bible learning, Get together, picnics and more.

Feel free to send me a message for more info! :)

Hi shalini,am in Kl,where do u put up ?

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